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Moon Bear (c) Animals Asia
The rescued bears receive expert treatment

Bear bile is a traditional ingredient in Asian medicine and is extracted from living bears.  There are more than 10,000 Moon bears held in horrific conditions in China and Vietnam.

Caught from the wild in vicious leghold traps, the bears are kept in cramped cages, their teeth and claws removed and a metal catheter inserted into their gall bladders.  The pain is excruciating and the bears suffer appalling wounds.  Animals Asia has campaigned tirelessly to end the cruel practice and rescued hundreds of bears in China.  Now Born Free is supporting their work to extend the new sanctuary in Hanoi, Vietnam, to enable more bears to be rescued, and to promote the herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile.  At the sanctuary the rescued bears will receive expert veterinary treatment and enjoy nutritious food, lush natural foliage and swimming in cool water.


Write to the Ambassador of Vietnam in your country, or write to the Ambassador for the UK.  Click here to see a suggested letter, or use the text to compile your own letter.

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Fax: 020 7937 6108 (from outside UK dial 00 44 20 7937 6108)

To help Animals Asia in their work helping rescued bears please make a donation here

or Adopt Ginny who lives at Animals Asia’s bear sanctuary in SW China. She was rescued from a bear farm ten years ago.


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