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6 March 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Bears Campaign News

The stark truth about bear “farming” in China has touched the hearts of an unprecedented number of Chinese people...

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Pandas Stay in The News

26 January 2012

Categories: Homepage News, Bears Campaign News, Zoo Check Campaign News

Will Travers blogs following a report in The Daily Express about the withdrawal of Yang Guang (Sunshine) from public view due to a bout of Colic

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Fourteen bears rescued from bile trade in Vietnam

12 December 2011

Categories: Bears Campaign News

Fourteen bears have been rescued from the bear bile trade in Vietnam and transported to the Animals Asia Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Tam Dao, near Hanoi. The bears show significant health problems including missing and maimed...

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Will Giant Pandas Make Zoo See Red?

6 December 2011

Categories: Homepage News, Bears Campaign News, Zoo Check Campaign News

Edinburgh Zoo predicts up to 2 million more visitors over the next 10 years, following the arrival of 2 Giant Pandas ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Sunshine’ from China. But will it all be financial ‘sweetness and light’ as the zoo hopes - or...

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Loan a Panda: Definition of Insanity?

5 December 2011

Categories: Homepage News, Zoo Check Campaign News, Bears Campaign News

Pandaesia: (Noun) A rare but serious affliction which sporadically affects millions of people generally in countries which have temporarily imported Giant Pandas from China as part of a vastly expensive ‘loan agreement’ to be...

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