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Here’s the latest news from Animals Asia’s team in China about the moon bear Ginny, who Born Free's adopters help care for in a 33 acre sanctuary. Ginny was rescued by Animals Asia from horrific conditions in a bear bile farm, where she was kept alone in a tiny cage and 'milked' for her bile, in October 2000 :

Ginny lives in ‘House 2’ with several other rescued bears. Her friends are called Smart, Woody, Bottom, Trixie, Matilda, Delaney, Banjo, Bruno, Kalina, Jasper, Thomas, Ciro, Pooh, Sausage, Roberta, Clancy Jack and Mimi. She is a real favourite with the Animals Asia team that takes care of her. We don’t think we’ve told you before, but they have nicknamed her ‘Lucky’!The bears sleep together in a den at night, and Ginny is always very keen to go out in the morning. She waits by the enclosure slide door, while the team sets up ‘enrichment’ in the enclosure. This includes special toys and puzzle-feeders to entertain and challenge the bears. When the bell rings to signal that the bears can go out and the slide doors open, Ginny is always one of the first bears to go outside. She continues to have a great appetite and likes all food. But surprisingly her favourite is the grass growing in the enclosure!Ginny is a real character and can be grumpy towards some of the other bears. Recently Roberta and Clancy Jack have received many growls from her if they come too near! But Ginny is particularly close to Jasper at the moment. They like to hang out and wrestle in the afternoons, or enjoy each other’s company in the pool. Thank you to all Ginny's adopters for helping give her such a wonderful life.

You can adopt Ginny here >

Listen to Born Free's Founder, Virginia McKenna, reading Richard Bonfield's poem "Moonbear" written about the plight of the bears still suffering in 'bear farms'

Virginia's visit in 2010 to a bear farm in North Vietnam with Animals Asia Founder Jill Robinson.

*All rescued bears are prevented from breeding, either by vasectomising the males or speying / giving hormone implants to the females. Any form of captivity is undesirable for wild animals, even those born into captivity, and we do not want to add to the captive population. In addition, sanctuary space is in very short supply and it is important to keep those precious spaces for bears in the most need
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