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Zoo Check is at the heart of Born Free and takes action to stop captive animal suffering, challenge the multi-billion-pound global captive animal industry, and phase-out zoos and animal circuses.
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Big Cats

Big Cats Camapign

Born Free rescues individual lions, tigers and leopards from tiny cages and gives them lifetime care at sanctuaries, funds major lion and tiger conservation projects and fights hunting big cats for ‘sport’.
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Elephants Campaign

Born Free protects wild elephants and their habitat in Africa and Asia, fights the brutal ivory trade, cares for orphaned calves, opposes the capture of wild elephants for zoos, and campaigns against exploitation.
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Primates Campaign

Born Free supports the UN’s Great Ape Survival Project, rescues orphaned apes, fights the global ape ‘bushmeat’ and exotic pet trades, protects wild gorillas and returns rescued monkeys to the wild.
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Wolves Campaign

Born Free protects the Ethiopian wolf, the world’s rarest canid, rescues wolves in need, develops solutions when wolves and people come in conflict, campaigns against hunting and exposes the plight of captive wolves.
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Marine Campaign

Born Free protects rare basking sharks, funds marine turtle and dugong conservation, monitors wild orcas, helps rescue stranded cetaceans, fights captive exploitation, and opposes wild capture of dolphins and whales.
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Bears Campaign

Bears Campaign

Born Free investigates tourism’s impact on polar bears, cares for rescued dancing bears and individuals from bile farms, fights the gall bladder trade and captive exploitation.
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