Shocking Trophy Hunting Channel Launched

Just a week or so after the shocking news story about Xanda, (a male lion with dependent cubs)and one of Cecil the lion’s adult sons, being shot as a trophy in Zimbabwe, it seems the whole issue of trophy hunting is firmly back on the international radar with news of the launch of a new Sport Hunting Channel.

Here’s my reaction:

“It won’t only be Arsenal supporters (like me) who will be outraged by My Outdoor TV (MOTV), launched recently in the UK by billionaire Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke.

Anyone who has a beating heart will be sickened by images of grown men and women celebrating the killing of wild lions and other iconic species for ‘fun’.

Let’s be clear:

Trophy hunting isn’t poaching – the illegal killing of animals, such as elephants for their ivory.

Trophy hunting isn’t subsistence hunting by people surviving from day to day on the animals they hunt to food.

Trophy hunting isn’t even the hunting of animals to control their populations, such as deer in many European countries, where natural predators have long been eradicated.

Whatever trophy hunters may say – that it’s about being in the great outdoors; that these are problem animals that need controlling; that it’s all about the hunt, not the actual killing – trophy hunters do exactly what it says on the tin. They hunt for trophies so they can put the head of their victim on the wall and brag about their bravery to their buddies – as if killing a wild animal with a high-powered rifle or bow from a hundred feet away or more was some kind of badge of courage!

‘All dangerous game safaris are exciting and challenging hunts and yes, a thrill of a lifetime!’ That’s what it is really all about for trophy hunters.

Football is called ‘the beautiful game’ but, Mr Kroenke, one of its wealthiest supporters, may be contributing to the end of our beautiful ‘game’ – the wild animals that still cling to existence across an increasingly human-dominated world.

And now, Mr Kroenke’s trophy hunting channel will  permit some people to share the ‘thrill of a lifetime’ by watching others kill for ‘fun’.  It is the equivalent of a legal ‘snuff movie’. I say enough is enough. We can and must protect wildlife and wild places without killing and it’s time for the majority to speak out. Born Free has been, and always will be, against trophy hunting, and for Compassionate Conservation. Join us.”

Will Travers OBE

President The Born Free Foundation

Please note: this blog has been superseded by the latest news on Friday, 4th August here.

5 Responses to “Shocking Trophy Hunting Channel Launched”

  1. Gill Gilbey Says:

    Dear Will,
    This is unacceptable, can it be stopped?
    I do not believe people in UK would approve of this, it is typical of the attitude of certain gun totting americans that take perverted pleasure in killing anything that moves! They are cowards and psycopaths.I shall protest in every way I can.This is immoral tv and the government should not allow it.
    I know some Arsenal supporters and they need to stand up and voice their disgust.We must stop this.

  2. Teresa Says:

    When one hears of a husband shooting his wife and kids in an uncontrolled violent outburst, nine times out of ten he’s a hunter. Show me a list of who watches these programs and I’ll show you a list of wife-beaters and potential serial killers. Don’t feed the monsters by giving them a tv channel!

  3. Karen Says:

    Its as if these people who are supremely wealthy have no morals. Its business and profit whatever the cost.. I cannot believe this kind of hunting channel has been allowed to air over here and this is America’s influence for you.. More of this coming our way thanks to Brexit! The land of the Hunting Shooting Fishing Brigade.. People so rich and clearly so cluelessly bored and under stimulated and stupid that they must seek out the next big ‘rush’ to feel ‘alive’ to feel ‘excited’ and therefore get into killing wild animals. These animals are real living innocent sentient beings under threat enough from human habitation! They have social groups, families, and have a right to life. They are under pressure enough for space and terrority without us making them into ‘objects’ to be exploited , tortured and killed for fun.. These morons and the wanker that has launched this channel think this is fun! .. These people need a psychiatrist. They are full of hate. You cannot kill anything if you are full of love. I don’t understand why there is increased interest in killing wildlife when more than ever it needs protection. All I can say is that when it is all gone and when it has all been shot with bullets and , worse, arrows of steel, what will these psychopaths then do for entertainment? Go back to beating the wife and kids? Stick more cocaine up their noses.. I doubt that these losers ever ask themselves the question: ‘Why am I doing this? What do I get out of this? Who or what does this action serve? But then the guy who has launched this channel.. and acting as promoter of killing for fun is a total a-hole and he needs to look himself hard in the mirror and face the ugly truth of who he is.. A selfish greedy bastard with no morals and no care except for the £millions in advertising revenue the will reap to furnish his already tardy disgusting cheap little life. This is the human being low life .. we are not evolved enough and will n to stop. I despair.

  4. Enzo Says:

    In football, when fans speak with one voice, they can make a difference!
    I would start by contacting them:

  5. Sarah Smith Says:

    This is outrageous. Suggest you start a petition as I feel Arsenal supporters will be ignorant about this and hopefully will get behind Born Free and make the owner of their precious football club feel ashamed. Also, just think about this – a week’s pay from every Arsenal player would help your cause!