World Wildlife Day

3rd March. World Wildlife Day. Make it Special!

Dear Friends

Sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming.  Every day of the year must be ‘world something day’ – World UFO Day, World Rose Day, World Thinking Day.  Do they make any difference?  Well, of course, they do. Some of the more well-known ones touch on very important issues – World Literacy Day, World Environment Day.  So here’s one for your diary – please put it in right now! 3rd March is World Wildlife Day.  If, throughout the entire 365 days of 2016, you do nothing else for wildlife and the future of some of the world’s most iconic species then this is the time to put your best foot forward for wild animals in need and do something  – anything.

We all know how serious the situation is.

At home, habitats and native British wildlife are under threat;  populations of species such as hedgehogs are in serious decline; bees are disappearing; butterflies are in short supply; badgers are the targets of retribution, anger and prejudice.

Overseas, the picture seems just as grim.  Whales are still persecuted by the Japanese; trophy hunters are killing some of our most magnificent individual animals (like Cecil) for “fun”; the ravages of the ivory trade are constantly in the headlines; the potential commercialisation of rhino horn (and the brutality of rhino poaching) confound logic; the rapacious consumption of bushmeat (meat from wild animals, usually brutally snared) that is emptying the forests and savannahs of Africa goes almost unnoticed; lion numbers are down; orca are still locked away in tiny tanks for human ‘entertainment (despite the amazing progress of the Blackfish effect)….. Where do you start? RIGHT HERE!

It may seem overwhelming but the truth of the matter is that if we can harness the combined intelligence and determination of hundreds of millions of people of compassion, people like you, right around the world, we can turn the situation around.

So what can you do?

Firstly, don’t do nothing.  Speak out and speak up.  Talk about why you care for wildlife on World Wildlife Day (and Born Free) to your family, your colleagues at work, your schools, your club, down the pub, etc.

Secondly, support what we are doing for wild animals in need the world over. Your support doesn’t have to be financial but I would love it if, on World Wildlife Day, you decided to become a member or adopt an animal. But you can decide to join a campaign, become one of our Activate team, or sign up to our E-News.

Thirdly, let’s make our fingers do some work – a few clicks is all it takes to create a global conversation about conservation!  Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, in fact, every social media platform going, to make sure that the challenges faced by wildlife are pushed to the top of the social media agenda and are trending relentlessly on 3rd March – #InOurHands.

I am going to be in The Hague in the Netherlands on 3rd March as part of a key Conference which will launch the European Union’s Action Plan to Tackle Illegal Wildlife Crime.  From my perspective it doesn’t  matter whether you want to be inside Europe or outside Europe.  From my perspective what  we need to do is work together, all of us, to end the brutal exploitation of wild animals and to secure their long-term future  - in our gardens and parks, in our woods and fields, in our great forests, savannahs and oceans – and make sure life on earth is properly protected from the single greatest threat they face – us!

I’ll be looking for you all on 3rd March. Let’s make World Wildlife Day mean something extraordinary!

Blogging off!


PS  For all those who are in the Brighton area of the UK this Saturday (27th February), you can join the March Against the Badger Cull!  For more information about the March, visit our Events page.

3 Responses to “World Wildlife Day”

  1. Gill Gilbey Says:

    Dear Will,
    Yes, it is overwhelming and heartbreaking.The evil that mankind can inflict upon the Planet knows no bounds.
    I was impressed at the response and Power of Twitter to “Cecil” but we still seem powerless to stop atrocities of wildlife in many places.
    The EU needs to step up,Britain I believe has not banned Trophy hunting imports!
    The UN is ineffectual,they could exert pressure on Japan or China or act to curtail USA shooters.
    For African Wildlife I weep at the destruction of such Beauty.
    I wish you very Good Luck in The Hague.

  2. Christina Dian Parmionova Says:

    World Wildlife Day 2016 theme is “The future of Wildlife is in our hands”,

  3. Brighton & Hove's Wildlife Forum Says:

    Will leave a link to this from our twitter page:

    Please contact us if you will like to follow up on local biodiversity activities.