Virginia McKenna’s Born Free

I was going to write about the documentary which was shown on Channel 4 on Sunday evening but then I thought, why? Here is everything you need to know if you are in the UK and haven’t seen the film, or wish to see it again.

Letter from Virginia

I was overwhelmed by the response to the documentary shown on Channel 4 on Sunday evening, charting the story of how the film Born Free was made and how it changed my life, and the lives of my late husband Bill and our eldest son Will, forever.

The many emails and messages I have received have been humbling and deeply touching and I wanted to thank everyone who so kindly wrote.

If you did not see the film then I believe you can watch it by following this link.

Many people have asked me what they can do to help, and my son Will has made the following suggestions which I hope you may find useful.

Please don’t stay silent. We are the voices for the wild animals we hold in trust and who cannot speak for themselves. Whether your passion is lions, or elephants, rhinos or pangolins or, indeed, all wild species, we must ensure our elected leaders make the protection of wildlife a top priority. You can write to your MP or, if you wish, to the Prime Minister herself – I always believe in going to the top!

Please tell your friends and family about the work of the Born Free Foundation. For nearly 33 years we have been fighting for wildlife both in captivity and in its fragile natural habitat. I know that millions of people, like you, care deeply about the future of life on earth. We simply must spread the word.

And finally, if you would be willing, then I invite you to become part of my family, the family of Born Free, through adopting one of our rescued or free-living animals or by joining Born Free and helping make our voice, our impact and our influence even stronger.

I was so incredibly lucky, over 50 years ago, to make a film with Bill that opened our eyes and changed the way we looked at the world. We could not have done that without the Adamsons, and especially George who became a lifelong friend.

Thanks to them, the Spirit of Elsa burns brightly and Born Free is the torchbearer for this and future generations.

I do hope you will want to help keep the flame burning.

Thank you so much.

Blogging off,


One Response to “Virginia McKenna’s Born Free”

  1. Donna Mackenzie Says:

    Yes the programme was wonderful and huge thanks to all involved, especially Virginia and Will. So glad to hear it has inspired many more people to want to help Born Free. I have been a supporter for many years and there is so much anyone (and indeed everyone) can do.

    If people aren’t sure what to write letters about or who to send them to please consider joining the Activate letter writing team. It is so easy, taking a mere 30 minutes every 2 months and all the important information is provided. It really does make a difference. I have several adopted animals and adoptions also make perfect presents (solve all the Christmas present problems in one place). Even just wearing a Born Free T-shirt helps raise awareness and interest.

    The news today highlighted that a global mass extinction is predicted by the end of the decade. We simply can’t allow this to happen and the best way I know of stopping this is by supporting Born Free.