The Spirit of Elsa Marches to Downing Street and Roars for Lions!

30th APRIL 2016,

Dear Friends,

The Born Free team, here, in the USA , in Kenya and around the world, has been campaigning for lions for many, many years.

Some people think we should be doing more and, of course, we can always do more but in this, 2016 Born Free’s Year of the Lion, we are going all out.

Supporting the excellent work of the Kenya Wildlife Service who are monitoring and protecting lions in Meru National Park, Elsa’s heartland.

Building more than 220 Predator Proof Bomas in the Amboseli ecosystem (southern Kenya and northern Tanzania) which reduces the incidence of night-time predation on livestock to zero – and consequently dramatically reduces the likelihood of retaliatory attacks by local people for livestock losses.

Working with the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority to seek to record and quantify the remote the wild lion population of Alatash and Zakouma (western Ethiopia and South Sudan).

In partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of Oxford University and Dr Hans Bauer, assisting in the development of National Lion Conservation Strategies in a number of West African countries.

Thanks to support from the UK Government’s Wildlife Challenge initiative, building wildlife law enforcement capacity in the Horn of Africa where massive and porous land borders represent an opportunity for the illegal wildlife trade to flourish.

Assisting with the promotion of Blood Lions, the extraordinary documentary that recently blew the lid off South Africa’s ‘canned hunting’ industry.

Successfully advocating, through Born Free USA, for the inclusion of lions on the United States’ Endangered Species Act.

Campaigning to persuade the 182 Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to afford African lions the highest level of protection against commercial exploitation.

With the help of our incredibly generous supporters around the world, paying for the rescue and care of desperately needy captive lions, relocated from appealing captive conditions to our wonderful Sanctuaries in South Africa, Ethiopia and Malawi.

And now, on Saturday the 30th April, speaking out against the ongoing and brutal trophy hunting of lions.

Our Founder, Virginia McKenna (my mum), will add her voice to many others, including Britain’s most well-known scientist Stephen Hawking who has agreed to sign the letter that will be delivered to the Prime Minister in Downing Street, calling for an end to lion trophy hunting and import of lion trophies into the UK.

Details of the march here

I think it is wonderful that such an extraordinary mind is focussed both on the outer reaches of space and the possibility of extra terrestrial life, AND on helping compassionately conserve life here on earth.

But that is what profound thinkers do!

I have no doubt that, between us, we can find a way of ending such cruelty and bloody exploitation, protecting wild lions and the wild places they rely on – and securing a future for lions and the rest of life on Earth.

Yes, we can always do more. But, through Born Free, and hand in hand with like-minded individuals and our world-wide partners, the spirit of Elsa burns bright. We shall never give up!

Blogging off!


3 Responses to “The Spirit of Elsa Marches to Downing Street and Roars for Lions!”

  1. Anna Spencer Says:

    I will be with you in spirit on Saturday, as you march
    to Downing Street. I hope this and the signed letter
    by Stephen Hawking will have the desired effect,
    and that David Cameron will realise that lions
    need protection and will ban the importation of lion
    trophies and parts into the UK.

    After a trip to America and all the other Born
    Free functions, I am surprised that you and your
    Mum have the energy to march! Please do not
    work her too hard – she is a special and wonderful person

  2. Geraldine Smith Says:

    God bless Born Free! Yes, the Prime Minister and the government need to wake up and listen to the world around them. Ban trophy hunting and anything to do with endangering wildlife! I sincerely hope Cecil and others like him did not die for nothing.
    I’ll be with you all in spirit because living in Canada doesn’t make it easy to hop over the pond anytime I want.
    All the best to you and everyone else who marches on the 30th.
    By the way, I’m reading the book, Born Free, for the first time and so love Elsa and her cubs!


  3. Angela Alllen Says:

    I have supported Born Free for many years now and continue to feel most passionate about the welfare and we’ll being of what remains of our
    Wonderful wildlife, they have as much right to their freedom we do. This is the first time for me to participate in any protest march. We must never give in to these barbaric acts of so-called ‘Trophy Hunting’.