Sometimes it is all about going the extra mile!

Dear Friends,

Sometimes it is all about going the extra mile!

And sometimes it is about recognising the extraordinary effort that many caring people make to achieve a real difference for wild animals in need and conservation.

So these two little words – ‘thank you’ – represent my heartfelt appreciation on behalf of everyone at Born Free to the following individuals who are not going the extra mile but the extra 26 miles for the cause!

Brighton Marathon (16/04/16): Mark Jones (Born Free’s Wildlife Programmes Manager); Margaret Winniak; James Dunne; and Stephen Payne (from Kuoni, one of our corporate sponsors, in Brighton)

London Marathon (24/04/16): Jon Green; Susan Slater; Alison Woodier; Jonathan Aves; John Heywood (who is 80 years old!); Marianne Mitchel; Eric Web; Anne French; David Sheldon ….. ¬†And the team from Land Rover who are also running the London Marathon for Born Free: Richard Parker; Stephen Easy; Richard Williams; Ketan Sharma; Orla Murphy; Dimitri Stoliopoulos; Natalia Youhno; William Hannis; Marshall O’Donnell; and Anthony Towers.

If you would like to show your support for these Born Free heroes who have spent months pounding the streets in preparation for the Big One, then please sponsor them here

Running the Marathon is just one example of how we often need to take the long way round to achieve success.

We started campaigning for a European Zoos Directive to secure minimum standards for all zoos in the EU in 1987. The Directive was passed in 2002.

We started calling for an end to the use of wild animals in UK circuses in 1994 – maybe this year the Prime Minister will deliver on his promise by finding the Parliamentary time to bring in a ban in England.

We started fighting the bloody international ivory trade and poaching in 1989 and we are still fighting it today, as we are the use of live animals in performances and the keeping of wild animals as ‘pets’.

It’s all about making progress one step and a time or, in the case of our Marathon women and men, at least 30,000 steps!

Good luck each and every one of you! And thanks again!

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