New Year Blog

Dear Friends,

Well, after my rather long previous Blog I wanted to keep this one shorter and totally forward looking.

It hardly seems possible that Born Free Foundation is nearing its 32nd Birthday. I recall very clearly that room in London where it all started – a room full of passion and outrage in equal measure. Outrage at the death of Pole Pole, the last African elephant in the London Zoo matched by a passionate desire to ensure that her death had not been in vain.

The subsequent journey has been filled to the brim with triumph, joy, horror and disgust – but never despair.

We are evolving. Too slowly for most, too quickly for a few. These changes are less about how we look and has more to do with how we feel and think. And it is that evolution in our thinking (or is a revolution) that is beginning to deliver the kind of compassion the world is crying out for.

Of course, there is a long way to go. Of course, the struggle is far from over – but this a movement on the march – a movement where individuals matters and where compassionate conservation overcomes.

I am so very proud of the role that Born Free and all its supporters, friends, donors, sponsors, and partners have played across more than three decades. If I could, I would shake the hand of every single person involved.

2016 is here. Please don’t think of it as just one more year in a continuum. Think of it as a blank sheet of paper. The parchment of time on which you are about to write your manuscript of hope.

There are millions of people who stand shoulder to shoulder and who believe in better. I am one of them. You are one too.  Never lose sight of that, and always believe that we can change the world for good – one animal at a time.

Have a Sparkling New Year.

And thank you.

Blogging off


4 Responses to “New Year Blog”

  1. Donna Mackenzie Says:

    Happy New Year Will, to you and all at Born Free. Let’s make 2016 the best year yet for the animals. If we all do (and give) even a little it’ll add up to an awful lot.

  2. Fiona Thwaites Says:

    Thanks Will,

    Some uplifting thoughts for the start of 2016. Hope it proves to be a good one for you and Born Free.

  3. Gill Gilbey Says:

    Dear Will,
    Thank you for your message of Hope,which we all must keep in our hearts.
    Best Wishes and A Happy New Year to Everyone at Born Free.

  4. Koen Says:

    Happy New Year Will and to all those wonderful Born Free staff !
    Thank you for those words of hope, trust , and believing !