Christmas Blog

Dear Friends,

This is possibly my shortest blog of the year!

2016 has seen a world full of challenge and change. The coming year looks set to be just as uncertain.

But one thing you can be sure of: Born Free, and our relentless efforts for wild animals in need, wherever they are to be found.

And you can also be sure of my personal appreciation, on behalf of those animals and also on behalf of all my friends and colleagues who work so tirelessly here at Born Free, for all the support we receive – the words of encouragement, the acts of kindness and the gifts of generosity.

As we close down for a break, to recover a little, to recharge the batteries, to re-energise for the year to come and the mountains we shall climb, may I say a profound ‘thank you’.

I hope your Christmas or seasonal holidays will be filled with friends, family and peace – and I look forward to your company on our journey towards a more compassionate world in 2017.

With best wishes and all good thoughts


2 Responses to “Christmas Blog”

  1. Gill Gilbey Says:

    Dear Will,
    Just reading how the proceeds from “Remembering Elephants” will be contributing to the very good work in Malawi makes me feel glad to be the proud owner of a copy.Every little bit helps!
    Wishing you all at Born Free a very good Christmas break

  2. Sarah Says:

    Well done for all the brilliant work Born Free does…

    Thank you..