Today, the majority of the British people have decided that, after 40 years, the United Kingdom is to leave the European Union.

The consequences of this decision, at least in the short-term, will be uncertainty and doubt. Financial markets are stressed and the political establishment needs to work out the next steps in a process of responsible dis-engagement. It will take us all time to adjust to the new political landscape.

However, one thing is certain: The Born Free Foundation will continue to fight on behalf of wild animal, seek measures to alleviate animal suffering and neglect, and fight for the protection of wildlife and the habitats they rely on.

The voice of Britain’s citizens has been heard, but Born Free must remain the voice of the voiceless, the millions of animals exploited in captivity for so-called entertainment, killed in their hundreds of thousands for trinkets such as ivory or pseudo-medicinal products such as rhino horn, or shot for ‘fun’ by the trophy-hunting elite.

Our conviction that individual animals matter will not change. At a national, regional and global level Born Free and its supporters around the world will to strive for a more compassionate future for life on earth. We must all redouble our efforts to make this dream come true.

Will Travers OBE
CEO and President
The Born Free Foundation


  1. Deborah Gatty Says:

    I’m anxious that EU provided some regulations and protection for animals,wildlife and the environment and that this wouldn’t be replicated by the British government, especially considering the ideological make-up of most of the Brexit camp, who now line up for positions of power at Westminster.

  2. Beth Says:

    unfortunately cruelty and corruption does not respect borders- life- or freedom

    I know the Born Free Foundation respects all life- and surmounts whomsoever governs,when and where, with compassion wisdom and acumen.

    with respect..

  3. Gill Gilbey Says:

    Dear Will,
    We must all fight on with you and others who love and respect Wildlife.
    The compassionate caring voice must be heard loudly wherever the natural world is under threat.
    Best Wishes,