World Wildlife Day – Wear it! Share it!

The 3rd March is a day that will forever more be associated with global efforts to conserve and protect the world’s wildlife.

Yes, it’s official – 3rd March is World Wildlife Day, as designated by the UN.

We are all being encouraged to do our bit and so, at Born Free, we’ve decided to push the boat out with our fabulous and much-admired Born Free Wildlife Ribbon.

Order now (they are only £1.50) and we will rush one to you.

Then it’s as easy as one, two, three!

1/ Wear your ribbon on World Wildlife Day.

2/ Take a photo of yourself, resplendent in your Born Free ribbon.

3/ Send us you picture on Twitter or Facebook

Then our fantastic team here at Born Free HQ will select the best pictures and publish a small gallery of them on our website – it could be you!

It really is that easy.

So get people talking about wildlife on 3rd March and show the love!

I am already thinking about where I will be wearing my ribbon on the Big Day … got to think of being somewhere really special … any suggestions?

Blogging off


Will Travers Born Free Ribbon

2 Responses to “World Wildlife Day – Wear it! Share it!”

  1. Tas Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say I am really happy to learn that World Wildlife Day will be shared on the same day as my birthday! I turn 40 this year and have been a fan of wildlife since I was 8yrs old. I would like to donate £100 towards the elephant rescue as a member of Born Free.

    My dream was to one day help release an animal into the wild but I have been in remission for the last 3 years and I don’t think that dream will happen but I hope by contributing I can help get those elephants a new home! Thanks, Tas

  2. Christine Robinson Says:

    Brilliant i will order now and proudly wear mine on the day :) I am always proud to be a member of Born Free and now as well Care Of The Wild :) great to hear of the merger and a stronger fight for all the wild animals that do fully deserve to live in the wild where they belong !!!!