Wednesday 22nd April: The 45th United Nations Global Citizens Earth Day

What was I doing?  Sitting at Public Hearing to try and prevent potentially devastating oil and gas exploration in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Surrey Hills above Dorking.  The height of irony.  At a time when a billion people around the world (according to the UN) were thinking about conserving, protecting and nurturing natural environments, we were in a dog-fight over this issue.  The outcome won’t be known for weeks – possibly months – but I hope that common-sense will prevail and that this precious natural area will not be jeopardised for what, at best, might deliver between three to five days hydro-carbon use for the UK.

However, that’s not the only thing we need to pay attention to!

On Sunday 26th April, a fabulous team of athletes (!) will be running the London Marathon for Born Free including our very own Mark Jones.  It is a day when the Nation comes together, considers the plight of those less fortunate (people and animals) and approximately 40,000 put their best foot forward to raise funds for charity.  I am going to make my donation now and I do hope that you will consider showing your support by going to

Blogging off (or should that, in this special week, be jogging off?).


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  1. Cinzia Morreale Says:

    Hope so to!!
    I support and watch on Sunday!