Speaking up for Animals

Dear Friends of Wildlife

I am often sent letters and emails and Tweets from people asking why animals are treated the way they are.  And today I echo those many letters by asking the same simple question: WHY?

Why are hundreds of elephants killed each year as trophies?

Why were 442 hippo trophies imported into the US between 2012 and 2013, as well as 758 leopard trophies?

Why were a third of the wild wolves of Montana shot (230) in 2013?

Why were 180 wolves trapped in Wisconsin?

Why would anybody want to pay US$1,000 to shoot a giraffe or US$4,000 to kill a crocodile?

Why are there only 20,000 rhino left on the planet?

Why are there as few as 20,000 wild lions in Africa?

Why in the UK is it permissible to cull thousands of badgers in a deeply misguided effort to control bovine tuberculosis, when the killers have missed every target; the methodology is fundamentally flawed; the process fails to meet declared standards of humaneness; when it costs £7,000 to kill each badger; when genuine alternatives, such as vaccination, exist; and when the deaths of these badgers will not achieve the outcome we want to see – a consistent, long-term and significant reduction in bovine TB.

I simply don’t know the answer to all these whys…… but I do know why, together, we will continue, with Born Free and other groups around the world, to champion the cause of wildlife and seek an end to cruelty, suffering, persecution and exploitation. Because if we don’t, who will.

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3 Responses to “Speaking up for Animals”

  1. Virginia McKenna Says:

    Just one word. YES. And shame on those who say no or who don’t care.

  2. Donna Mackenzie Says:

    Totally agree. Doing nothing simply isn’t an option. Making life better for even 1 animal makes it all worthwhile. Many thanks to all at Born Free for all you do and for making us aware of how we can help.

  3. Jo Watkiss Says:

    Can anything be done to support the ongoing plight of #FreeKaavan (the chained elephant). No one seems to be listening to the petitions and demonstrations. It’s just beyond heartbreaking and this needs to go global. Could Helen Worth make a public plea to raise public awareness to increase number of supporters?