Dear Friends of Wildlife,

So the Taiji dolphin slaughter has been ‘postponed’ due to bad weather. May the bad weather continue forever if that is the case!

Just how long can the Japanese authorities tolerate this sickening event which draws such widespread international condemnation from around the world?

Marches, rallies, petitions, documentaries, news articles…. The sheer volume of material expressing the outrage and frustration of tens of millions from almost every country – including Japan itself – must surely prevail one day.

But how can we bring about an end the Taiji as quickly as possible? Well stop going to captive dolphin shows would be one way. Evidence seems to make it clear that it is the live sale of dolphins for exploitation in dolphinaria, both in Japan and further afield, that generates the big money which pays for the annual scenes of brutality and bloody carnage.

The UK has no captive dolphins shows. The last one closed in the early 1990s and three of the last dolphins were released into the wild as part of the Into The Blue project which Born Free helped fund and coordinate.  But dolphin shows with their loud music, inane acts, concrete pools, chlorinated water and lifetime confinement are still a feature in Europe, North America, the Middle East, China and the Far East. These facilities survive simply because ill-informed people pay good money to watch these intelligent, social animals ‘perform’.

So, as I say, please don’t go. Don’t sustain a form of exploitation that has totally lost all credibility, perpetuates suffering and may rely on the Taiji bloodbath for its victims.

And if the powers that be can arrange to deliver stormy weather for the next two years or more, then the hunting will stop and maybe, just maybe, the Taiji dolphins can live wild and free – as nature intended.

Blogging off!


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