Innocent Victims of Tbilisi

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The latest, according to Associated Press, following the devastating floods in Tbilisi, Georgia, over the weekend of the 13/14 June, reads as follows:

All of the lions and tigers that were missing after severe flooding swamped Tbilisi’s zoo have been found dead. One jaguar remained unaccounted for, but zoo staff said they have little hope that it survived.

The discovery of the last of the missing lions and tigers on Tuesday as the waters receded eased fears in the capital of Georgia, an ex-Soviet republic, that some of the big cats were still wandering the hills of the city.

The human death toll rose to 16 on Tuesday when the body of a missing woman was found in a children’s park, the police said. Seven people are still missing after an intense downpour that began late Saturday turned a stream that runs through the city into a raging torrent that destroyed houses and tore up roads. About 40 families lost their homes.

Zoo spokeswoman Mziya Sharashidze said eight lions, all seven of the zoo’s tigers and at least two of its three jaguars were killed. Only two of the zoo’s 14 bears survived, while nine of its 17 penguins died, she said.”

It seems that at least three of the people who have died were Tbilisi Zoo employees, killed while reportedly trying to save some of the animals at the Zoo where the damage has been catastrophic.

My thoughts and sincere condolences are with all the families affected but my heart also goes out to the poor, unfortunate animals – locked up for life, finding traumatic, momentary freedom but then dying or being killed in significant numbers – innocent victims, like so many of the people of Tbilisi.

Can it be right that we maintain menageries of wild animals for our so-called education and entertainment, not only inflicting on them a lifetime of captivity but exposing them to avoidable and potentially fatal risks associated with their captive incarceration?

Of course, wild animals in the wild are also faced with numerous risks and dangers. But there they take their chances, and that is no more or less than what they deserve – a chance.

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8 Responses to “Innocent Victims of Tbilisi”

  1. Deborah Fallon Says:

    i can’t even think of any words to describe how I feel after seeing the news and all the horrific pictures.anger and heartbreak are just 2 of the many emotions I am feeling.
    Those poor poor animals.i really think animals should only be in captivity for necessary circumstances ie danger of extinction.othetwise leave them free.all those animals died this weekend because of being in captivity.
    It is so sad.not living free and not dying free.what an horrific death.
    RIP to all the wee souls ❤️
    Thoughts and prayers also for the victims families

  2. Joyce felse Says:

    I am extremely saddened by the deaths that have occurred, human and animal. These poor defenseless animals deserved more than this both in life and death

  3. Jane Gerber Says:

    How very sad on so many levels. Both for the people and the animals. I don’t know the circumstances of their zoo life, but surely their accidental escape followed by a potential frightening time before their deaths is so unfortunate. Rest in peace.

  4. Nikki Elliott Says:

    Simply devastating – ALL zoos should be closed. There is simply no justification to imprison these animals – ANY animals for life in this day and age! Bless the souls of all who perished. Heartbroken.

  5. Sandra Bell Says:

    The animals were free and now they’re behind bars again, the ones that survived. Ironically the ones that didn’t survive are the fortunate ones. Their agony is over and their souls are free. The poor ones that were recaptured will again endure the agony of captivity and live out their lives in unnatural concrete captivity. Zoos are human forced slavery of WILDlife and sadly aren’t a thing of the past

  6. Gill Gilbey Says:

    One day of Freedom is worth a lifetime in captivity.Very sad about the big cats,hope the Hippo makes it.

  7. Renuka Ranasinghe Says:

    No to all zoos. No animals in captivity. Only sanctuaries for their preservation and protection.if Georgia dares to restock No restart this Zoo it must be stopped. Poor terrified imprisoned animals. Sorry I have run out of sympathetic energy for ignorant cruel stupid humans where ever they may be from

  8. Donna Mackenzie Says:

    Too tragic for words and now the story of the white tiger that survived but has been destroyed after killing someone who found it. I just despair that anyone could think it’s okay to keep animals prisoner in any circumstances but to end their lives like this …. Only consolation is this awful case might make even more people question the morality of zoos.