Is there a change coming?

The great news:

France decides to ban the import of lion trophies.

SeaWorld ends orca performances in one of its US facilities The US and China indicate they will virtually end all domestic ivory trade in the next year.

Kenya announces it will destroy its 130+ tonne ivory stockpile The new film, Racing Extinction, secures a worldwide release on Discovery simultaneously on the 2nd December 2015 (watch or set your recorder).

Blood Lions, the hard hitting film about the ‘canned lion hunting industry’, continues to make waves and shows to sellout audience at the Royal Geographical Society London (Friday 27th November) The Botswanan Environment Minister declares that he can see no moral difference between despicable canned hunting and regular trophy hunting (Botswana recently banned trophy hunting, breaking a long-standing Southern African common position in this issue).

The good (ish) news:

UK Environment Minister Rory Stewart announces that UK will consider banning Lion Trophies if countries with wild lions that permit trophy hunting do not get their act together to manage it properly (I said good-ish).

The South Africa Professional Hunters Association has condemned canned hunting in an effort to distance itself from this disgusting practice (nice try!

The bad news:

South Africa announces that it may now legalise domestic trade in rhino horn! The expression ‘when you’re in a hole, stop digging’ springs to mind.

For once, the great news at the top of the page significantly outweighs the good-ish and the bad.

On Saturday the 28th November I spoke at a day of presentations on hunting at the University of Winchester. Under pressure, it’s reported that those who were due to speak in support of hunting have withdrawn.

So what is going on? Has the moral compass shifted? Have the oft-repeated justifications for trophy hunting (money to local communities, protects habitats, there is no alternative, it it good for conservation) finally been exposed for what they are – weak, anthropocentric, self-serving. Are the days of the killing of wild animals for ‘fun’, confining wild creatures in captivity for human entertainment, wearing the body parts of some of our most iconic (dead) wild species, etc., coming to an end……?

I am watching. We all are watching. Is there a change coming?

Blogging off!


One Response to “Is there a change coming?”

  1. Donna Mackenzie Says:

    Yes, I think the tide is finally turning, albeit much more slowly than we’d all like. The closure of the last bear bile farm in Quang Ninh and the pledge to end all such farms in the rest of Vietnam by 2020 is further great news.

    Now with the release of Blood Lions we can only hope that Cecil’s legacy will be an end to the barbaric practice of hunting of all kinds. Looking forward to the Scottish premiere In Edinburgh tomorrow night (Tuesday 1 December) which is also being attended by the producer Pippa Hankinson and reps from CACH Scotland.