Whalefest! The very word thrills!

A time for people who care about the future of whales and dolphins to come together to bond and to acknowledge the challenges faced by these extraordinary species in captivity and in the wild and to seek solutions.

Whalefest is taking over Brighton from the afternoon of 14th – 17th March and to kick it off, on Friday afternoon, a life-size inflatable orca (we do not say killer whale where I come from) will be trundled around Brighton, ending up at Hove Lawns on Friday, early evening.

I am honoured and delighted to be taking part in this extraordinary gathering.

On Saturday, at 1.15 pm in the Hilton Metropole, I will be pretending to be a ‘Dimbleby’, helping to host a special kind of Question Time with prospective European Parliamentary candidates for the south-east of England and marine mammal experts. Together we will explore (I hope) the environmental agenda of our politicians and try to address the concerns of WhaleFest visitors.

You have the chance to make your voice heard too and I invite you to submit your questions to me via the comment section below, and I will try and make sure that the most thought-provoking questions are asked on your behalf.

Saturday evening (again at the Hilton Metropole, at 8.00 pm) I am taking part in a panel discussion with some of the world’s top experts following the presentation of excerpts from the extraordinary documentary Blackfish which has shaken the captive marine mammal industry to its core.  If you have not seen Blackfish and you can’t make it on Saturday, you can buy a copy here.

I am certainly looking forward to having a whale of a time in Brighton this weekend.  I hope you can be there too.

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One Response to “Whalefest! The very word thrills!”

  1. Emily Says:

    Are wild orca still being captured for the entertainment industry? I understand that Seaworld only use captive bred orca.