We Should All Get Out More – He’s a World Record Breaker!

Philip Wells, aka The Fire Poet, has smashed the world record for walking barefoot. More importantly he has helped shine a spotlight on the plight of the billion children living in poverty.

He has shown that ordinary people can do extraordinary things and make a real difference to the lives of those who are so often forgotten in our mad, egocentric, consumer-obsessed world.

Think about it. In fact, do it. Do it now! Take off your shoes and walk just 100 metres. Feel the grit piercing the sole of your foot. The roughness. Tread gently, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Now close your eyes…. Imagine doing that same 100 meters, except doing it for nearly four months and doing it 1,600 times. That has been Philip’s world since the middle of April.

I had the privilege of walking (boots on) with Philip along the Welsh Borders for a week – just 65 miles – and I have NOTHING but total respect for this amazing man who walks with his heart on his sleeve, his faith exposed for all to see, and his naked compassion for all those less fortunate than himself.

Often with no one to accompany him but Els Field – his wonderful assistant/camera person/motivator – Philip has truly put his feet where his mouth is. If anyone exemplifies ‘walking the talk’ then that person is Mr Philip Wells.

I will join him in Angelsey on the last day of his walk – the 9th August – and I will have nothing but admiration and respect.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, be inspired by The Fire Poet! Do something – a walk, a swim, a cake sale… a bring and buy, a singathon, a sponsored ‘nothing’. We can all do something and we can all make a life-changing difference.

The Children’s Barefoot Champion I salute you!

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