Sad Day for Morgan the Orca

Dear Friends of Wildlife

Morgan the young female wild-caught orca could spend the rest of her life in captivity. That’s the reality behind the verdict of the Dutch court presiding over an application for her release, delivered today (Wednesday 23rd April 2014).

The Court determined that even though Morgan had been found in a state of near collapse in the North Sea and had been brought to a facility in Holland to recover and to potentially be released, that her transfer to a commercial display facility in Tenerife was legal.

But that doesn’t make it right.

Morgan should be given the chance to go back to the wild or, at the very least, she should be given the opportunity to be the first resident in a yet-to-be-created orca rescue centre. In my view, she should not be put on display and made to perform. She should not be the helpless target of aggression and bullying, meted out to her by the other captive orca in their tiny artificial world in Tenerife.

Undoubtedly, the captive industry regards Morgan as extremely important to their future. She is ‘new blood’ – a wild orca, a female, young. She is reportedly insured for US$10 million.

Is there hope? There is always hope.

The Free Morgan Foundation, The Born Free Foundation and our supporters everywhere will look and search and investigate to find the compelling arguments that could change Morgan’s life for the better. We will examine the judgement handed down today. We will assess the role that the tourist industry has to play in sustaining these captive display facilities. We will review international regulations governing the movement of wild animals……… but it is not all high-level stuff. Her future may depend on decisions made by individual people – the people who currently buy tickets to see the ‘show’. Each of them has a choice, to buy the ticket and sustain a business built on the exploitation of wild animals or to spend their money somewhere else.

I know what I would choose. Don’t buy that ticket!

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33 Responses to “Sad Day for Morgan the Orca”

  1. jackie rogers Says:

    This is awful please free this poor animal to live in the enviroment its ment to be in

  2. tara Says:

    I don’t know how man think they rule this earth when God is the one who made all and put man here to take care of his land. Let me repeat that ( to take care of his land) this is something about people God sees and they will be judged on judgment day. Orcas can’t live in captivity without affecting their lives. They have feelings and they are very smart creatures why haven’t we yet treated them as a human yet? Cause they can’t talk or walk? We are supposed to treat all living things with love, respect, and like one of our own so if you have a child you want someone to come snatch it up and it will be raised the way another human sees fit? You people need to think about the damages you causing more than your doing good honestly be smart not scientists.

  3. Yvonne Cole Says:

    Kidnapping and imprisoned animals should be illegal!

  4. Ann Geoghegan Says:

    Dissapointing. Do people really want to still see these shows?

  5. Angela Kay Says:

    Hello Will.

    I do so agree with your feelings of outrage at this court decision, and revulsion at the kind of “entertainment” it will oblige Morgan to provide. That such an intelligent, powerful, fearsome and magnificent animal can be reduced to this by a member of the same species who rescued her is a cruel, sickening and shaming irony.

    I for one would never buy that ticket, and beseech others to be similarly horrified by the very idea.

    Kind regards and best wishes,


  6. Josef Kerckerinck Says:

    It is a tragedy that in these days money always wins over humanity. Even to animals, and especially to those animals who have the misfortune to be exploited in those abusement parks, we should be humane enough to return them to freedom instead of forcing them with food, to perform unnatural tricks. The fact that a Dutch court agrees with institutions who abuse those animals, is especially tragic. I would hate to read the comments in the Dutch newspapers, if people in the Netherlands had applied for Morgans release and a German court had denied their application.

  7. Renata O'Connor Says:

    If you don’t want to be locked in a cell, don’t do it to someone else. Dutch court or any other court in the world does not have the right to imprison a sentient being. Shame on you!

  8. ness webley Says:

    Is the fact that they released photos of her first days at hardewijk being trained to accept dead fish to whistle command? I have an idea in rescue with goal to release this is not allowed and proves,as does keeping her in a slime coated goldfish bowl for inhumane amount if time and making her play with toys to whistle command? There is someone on the net,I am waiting fir information from him,who claims one of the workers at hardewijk was instructed by the attending vet to underfeed Morgan to jeep her hungry and her health low so no release would be possible until the lori parque deal was sorted.the girl felt so bad she went fir holiday in new Zealand and was close to suicidal with guilt from the screaming from Morgan.please we need to work faster,her deafness is no restriction to release,they feel sound and orcas are known to care fir their infirm.this is so frustrating.

  9. Natasha Borrego Says:

    Theres not enough thank you’s for the generosity of the people who cared for her. That being said, she was found in the wild, please take her back. They did their duty to save her, nobody deserves the right to keep her. Shes not a slave, helpless or sick. Nobody has the right over another’s life.

  10. Jennifer Edwards Says:

    We must never give up hope …. never. It’s so hard not to feel despair at these beautiful animals’ plight but the fight must go on. Education and compassion for all living creatures. Thank you so so much for all that you and your colleagues are doing.

  11. Corrina Faulkner Says:

    I am disgusted that in 2014 we are still using innocent fish and mammals as entertainment. Me, my family and friends would NEVER go and watch one of these “circuses”. Free these poor souls and spare them any further degradation and torture!!!

  12. Jenny Handley Says:

    How sad that in these more supposedly enlightened times we are still acting like barbarians where other animal species are concerned. An attempt should be made to release this young orca back into the wild to live free and increase the orca population. Anyone buying a ticket to these ‘shows’ involving live orca should be ashamed. I know I was after visiting Sea World in Florida in the 90′s.

  13. Tina Turvey Says:

    Stop putting these beautiful animals in prison!

  14. katy Says:

    Me and my kids are very disappointed to hear this. I brought tickets to the whale festival 2014 to try to educate the children on conservation. We stumbled across the free morgan you tube clip and fell in love with Morgan. We came to the Free morgan day at brighton in march and not being a social media user I didn’t realise it was not the real Morgan. I think my exact words to Will were, “Is it wearing a coat?”. I’ve had my friends in stiches over the fact I drove the kids 60 miles to see an inflatable orca but I hope in my own little way it has raised their awareness of how cruel humans can be….

  15. Helen Says:

    Deeply sad about this

  16. sharon m Says:

    God loves all His creatures, big & small. People will pay for all the cruelties they inflict upon these beautiful creatures!

  17. Bethany Da;e Says:

    I have been following Morgan’s story and I was rather disappointed to see the words “Sad” and “Morgan the Orca” in the same sentence. As you say, Will, there is still hope and that’s all we can pray for. If there is anything we can do please let us know x

  18. angela Says:

    All these animals should be free living in their own enviriments not on this earth in a tank just for peoples entertainment they suffer from not been free with their families

  19. Sam Says:

    Very! Very, sad we’re all so fed up with how our animals of the world are treated. These people just do want they want regardless of how the animals are affected , it just sickens me that their allowed to continue to get away with it. It’s not just this situation it’s going on all over the world to so many animals. I just wish humans had more Respect and Humanity :( .

  20. Phyl D'Arcy Says:

    I thought slavery went out years ago.

  21. Catherine Clarke Says:

    What a sad, sad day.

  22. Gill Gilbey Says:

    I don’t see how it can be legal to send the wild orca to captivity .Who exactly gets the money from this? the Dutch do not own her.We here all believe that wild animals belong in the wild not in a miserable cage.Anyone seeing the “shows” these days must be wholly aware that the animals have been taken from their natural habitat.The message needs to be put across more forcefully that this is wrong would they want their child to be kept in a cage? Is their any chance of a reprieve for Morgan?

  23. Jay Pol Says:

    I am a deep believer that all or cause of wild animals should be free I follow the Lolitar case daily hoping and waiting to hear that day that she will be free I don’t think having animals in a fishbowl for other peoples I’m using that is teaching anything useful to our kids if they want to learn stuff there’s museums books and more than plenty of documentaries I think they’ve had these animals in captivity for supposedly letting reasons long enough we can learn a lot more by watching them free in the wild on documentaries happy with their families where they belong

  24. Tracy Meredith Says:

    I refuse to believe that this is it. There must be something else that can be done. Who owns the whale, is it the dutch government or someone in Tenerife.

    This cant be right,who is received the revenues from keeping this animal like this, the Dutch government, if so that it can be proven that this is why they choose to keep her in captivity.

    There must be something else that can be done.

  25. ellenziegler2013 Says:

    put yourself in the orca’s place…how would you feel?

  26. Jamie Jones Says:

    Don’t we try to return human children to there family’s when there found and need help if its possible ? They refuse to make any attempt to return the Orca as would be a loss of income to them , all they have done is condemn this majestic animal to a slow death for there own greed and the possibility of future whales from this new blood line. Humans long to explore the world as often get bored of the same routine so why is it ok to have these animals on death row and teach them tricks all in the name of entertainment.

  27. Penny Mason Says:

    One would hope that anyone who has seen these magnificent creature performing for human entertainment, would also be impressed enough to realise his intelligence and need for a natural lifestyle and, hopefully, also join the campaign for his release?? I pray that Morgan is given the dignity and respect that is so overdue – it is soul destroying to know this poor creature is suffering – he needs to be FREE. Thank you Born Free Foundation for taking this to the next level.

  28. Tonya Smith Says:

    This is so upsetting I fill up everytime I hear or see anything to do with this georgeous Orca. I so hope that this animal is released back into the wild, her natural habitat and where she truly belongs.

  29. Bogumiła Stawowy Says:

    I wish to know this poor creature free from suffering

  30. Jp Says:

    This is terrible! She has the right to be free and live out her life in the ocean as a wild animal, we live as we please so why can’t an Orca.

  31. flavia Says:

    this is so sad I don’t think this should be happening

  32. Gill Says:

    I continue to read and petition against the capture of Orca s and Morgan is just one sad case amongst many,it is sad,but what will be done,when money and entertainment is made out of them,I wish all animals and fish could be free and live as nature intended.

  33. Judith Elbling Says:

    Oh greed thy name is MAN!