Barefoot Billion – What a week!

I have just walked 60 miles with Philip Wells – The Fire Poet.  I feel I have connected with this extraordinary man and his mission.

Every journey begins with a single step. How true. But we’re not only talking about the physical. Walking with Philip liberates the mind, allowing inner thoughts and feelings to find their moment.

Is it really too much to ask that in this world we so dominate, we cannot find a way – a path – to justice, tolerance and peace? A future that respects diversity and yet binds us all in our common humanity. A future where we care for each other, for the other creatures that we share this fragile orb with, and for the fabric of our single, precious home.

The glorious, rugged lands along the Welsh Borders provided the perfect canvas for this conversation, a communing of spirits, a collision of thoughts, all the while to the steady beat of Philip’s bare feet.

Every message of support spurs him on, every Tweet and text. Every person we have encountered – from the wide-eyed child, to the rambler, to the conqueror of cancer seeing the world as if for the first time, to the young activist poet finding his voice – has been inspired by the man walking on behalf of the Barefoot Billion. Who could not be so moved?

I am leaving Philip today but a part of me remains on the journey. Part of me continues to explore why we are what we are. Part of me will continue to walk in step for the children and the animals and the wild places of a world worth saving.

And Philip’s extraordinary words are now part of me.


B the gift
B the solution
B the shift
B resolution

B the difference
B the deep
B the small leap
AND the giant leap

B a human
B human KIND
Less fast forward
More unwind

This is your time
Time for the taking
B’lieve in your soul
And its wide-awakening

B bold and barefoot
B meek and mild
B compassion
B that child

B a beacon
B at peace
B like Mandela
After his release

B the justice
B the proof
B the miracle
B the truth

Now is your moment: text STEP to 70111 to donate £3 to and B THE STEP

7 Responses to “Barefoot Billion – What a week!”

  1. Alix Bibiloni Says:

    Will thank you so much for all your support, as you say I know how much tweets and texts mean to Philip but I know he is really grateful for the time you have given him. I am impressed on you doing 60 miles, were any barefoot?!
    Hope to meet you sometime.
    Best wishes,
    Alix xx

  2. Scott Waring Says:

    Go Philip !

  3. Tom Harper Says:

    A very inspiring message.

    It must be one heck of a transformative experience

    I will keep spreading the word!!

    keep going!!

  4. Marcus Says:

    Fabulous words
    Well spoken
    By a man who walks the walk
    Congratulations Will
    and all power to the barefoot bard himself
    With love
    as ever

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Wonderful words indeed from both Philip and Will.

    Both men, champions….

    Keep on keeping on.


  6. Sandy Says:

    You’re both incredible and as supporters of Born Free we are all grateful for your endevours. I think as tribute to Philip I’ll spend some of my holiday barefoot, and be grateful I have the choice to do so rather than no choice at all.

  7. MC Says:

    Great to meet Will and watch Philip perform at Tintern with Virginia – time to reflect on our own mission towards a more sustainable future. Looking forward to joining Philip for a few days on his final leg across N Wales in August. Keep up the good work!