Tiger feat?

A Sumatran tiger cub has been born at London Zoo for the first time in 17 years. Good news for the conservation of the subspecies? Hardly.

One can only imagine how many wild tigers have died prematurely in that 17 year period; how much tiger habitat has been lost. Yet, with the Zoo’s “Tiger Territory” reportedly costing £3.6m, staff at London Zoo consider the birth “a real cause for celebration” (London Zoo website). Sadly, I disagree – it is little more than fiddling while Rome burns. London Zoo have succeeded in breeding a tiger that will, in all likelihood, spend its life in captivity, and have spent a relative fortune that could otherwise have made a real difference for wild tigers. I see no cause for celebration.

Born Free’s Senior Programme Officer for Captive Chris Draper recently commented for Deutsche Welle on the realities of captive breeding of Sumatran tigers by zoos  - read the article here:

3 Responses to “Tiger feat?”

  1. Amanda Sansom Says:

    I understand fully what you are saying, but surely we need to keep a viable gene pool, and sadly tigers in the wiwill always be at great risk from poachers, maybe we should look at this for our future and to educate our children who may in turn then make a contribution to the future conservation of all of our wildlife.

  2. maryann murphy Says:

    i saw the news tonight, and while viewers were probably oohing and ahhing, i too did a bit of ahhing but at the same time felt very very sorry for the poor babe and it’s mum,and every other animal in zoo’s.It is such an unnatural scene,it’s cruel,there they all are people gawping at them and in some cases pokeing fun,i saw a gorilla on one programme running at the glass of his enclosure,it wasn’t funny and he wasn’t having an off day he was thinking the same thing i was i should imagine,that is you come and spend your days in here, with people staring at you and making stupid comments and see if you like it.zoo’s are not the places for these animals to be.

  3. Gill Gilbey Says:

    I cannot condemn the birth of a Sumatran tiger cub,and agree with Amanda that we need to keep an open mind for the future.I look to all animals being in their rightful place in the wild,but in the wild they are hunted and killed.We should be doing much more to hold the countries that are killing tigers accountable.