Terror in Nairobi – A Human Tragedy of Mammoth Proportions

Usually in my blogs I write about my outrage at the cruelty and suffering inflicted by people on animals.  Today it is the brutality of people on innocent people.

The terrorist attack in Nairobi fills us with horror.  The images are burnt into our brains.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Kenya and its people.

Those of us who have worked for and supported conservation in Kenya for many years and worked with some outstanding people feel personally traumatised and I know people who have lost their lives in this tragedy.

But there is a wildlife link.

Al-Shabab, al–Qaeda, The Lord’s Resistance Army and others are bent on destroying society as we know it through a campaign of terror have to get their funds from somewhere and research has confirmed that the slaughter of tens of thousands of elephants across Africa and the sale of their ivory provides a vital economic life-line to these brutal and heartless organisations.

The bloody ivory trade is intrinsically linked to national, regional and global terrorism and now is the time for the resources of the international community and our unrelenting attention to be turned to the eradication of organised wildlife crime as part of our global effort to make the world a safer place.

Today, as the siege enters its last phase and we hope that the security forces will secure the safe passage for the remaining hostages, our thoughts must be with the human victims of this outrage.

But from this day forward, we must not only show compassion for people but we must be do all within our power now as individuals, as communities, at government level and internationally to crush terrorism and make the world a safer place for people and wildlife.

Will Travers OBE

CEO Born Free Foundation

One Response to “Terror in Nairobi – A Human Tragedy of Mammoth Proportions”

  1. gill gilbey Says:

    I hope the international community will do more now to support countries like Kenya as they seem to have taken their eye off the ball in Africa.Ivory trade and all trade of animal body parts must be stopped NOW by an international POLITICAL response.Those countries “trading” in body parts must surely be implicated in supporting terrorism(all be it indirectly).