Farewell Desmond Hamill

He was there when one of the biggest wildlife stories of the 20th century broke – and he was part of that extraordinary narrative. Desmond Hamill, the award-winning ITN reporter, died on the 9th of April 2013. Apart from courageously covering numerous wars, civil unrests, high profile national issues – not be mention being kidnapped with his film crew in Beirut – Hamill reported on the mass slaughter of Africa’s elephants and the extent of the illegal ivory trade, leading to the international ivory trade ban in 1989.

The Born Free Foundation (then Zoo Check), together with the EIA (the Environmental Investigation Agency) were at the forefront of the campaign (the EIA’s damning footage and our 600,000 name petition proving critically important) that secured the ban and brought at least temporary respite to Africa’s beleaguered elephants.

Although elephants and the bloody ivory trade are still making headlines (www.bloodyivory.org) we want to salute Desmond for making this cause a part of his life’s work and making sure we never forget.


2 Responses to “Farewell Desmond Hamill”

  1. gill gilbey Says:

    Desmond Hamill must have been a very brave man and he should be remembered for helping elephants.But we now live in a time when the ivory trade ban is a sham.There is not the will to protect elephants in many places.

  2. Elaine White Says:

    I would like to give my condolences and wish to say how grateful I am to Mr Hamill for all that he did to help elephants.