Anna Merz – A Tribute

When I received the news of the death of Anna Merz I was knocked sideways.  This wonderful lady, who was the ultimate champion of rhinos, just couldn’t be gone.  I have a recent letter from her on my desk awaiting my reply.  Now there won’t be one.  Only this tribute from a like-minded old person – one who shares her deep respect for living creatures and the natural world, and who also sometimes finds the way humans treat them callous, intolerable and mystifying.

In 1982 Anna created the Lewa Downs Rhino Sanctuary (now the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy).  Her vision, determination and compassion made her one of the pioneers of wildlife conservation in the wild.  A role model for us all.

I had the great joy of visiting her and her rhino sanctuary in the 1980s. I will always remember it, and her, and thank her for her loyalty and devotion to the animals she was determined to save, and for being such an inspiration to all of us who share her passion.


Virginia McKenna
Founder Trustee
Born Free Foundation

4 Responses to “Anna Merz – A Tribute”

  1. Mike Dooley Says:

    Very sad to learn of Anna Merz’s passing. She was a great champion for wildlife, and will be sorely missed.

  2. Carol Carpenter Says:

    A sad moment in all our lives with the passing of Anna.Bless you Anna for all you have done. We hope some like minded person will step up & continue her wonderful work. From fellow rescuers of injured, traumatised and orphaned wildlife, Carol & Garth Carpenter PMB. RSA

  3. lynda green Says:

    I am devastated by the passing of Anna Merz. This feisty woman was one of my mentors and was more interested in my work with Manatees than talking about herself. I had the great pleasure of ‘lunching’ with her often and listening to her feedback about my pushing forward with conservation of the Manatee, another endangered species. She was one of a kind; way ahead of her time, saving the White Rhino and other wildlife and she will be missed by all who knew this very special and amazing person. Anna, It was an honour to have you in my life and I shall miss you. lynda

  4. Cynthia Wright Says:

    Very sorry to hear of Anna Merz’s death. Did not know her personally, only of her
    inspiring work protecting rhinos. Theirs is still a dire need. Hope someone else will step in to continue this wonderful lady’s work.