World Rhino Day 22nd September 2012

White Rhino

World Rhino Day 2012…. How long will we be able to celebrate this annual event if the poaching of wild rhino continues as it currently does? 394 rhino poached in South Africa so far this year – and there is more than 3 months to go.

Rhino are in such trouble. The have gone from Cameroon, they have gone from Sudan. They may go from Tanzania and other countries in a few short years.

Much has been written about the crisis and what to do about it. You’ll find some links here.

But words alone are not enough. Action is needed now. You can help! You can shout for rhino, write about rhino, campaign for rhino, fundraise for rhino, advocate for rhino, do anything for rhino – but don’t stay silent. Ignoring the plight of the world’s rhino will hasten their demise.

If we make enough noise – until the buyers stop buying and the poachers stop poaching – then in 365 days’ time we shall be able to celebrate World Rhino Day 2013… if not….

One Response to “World Rhino Day 22nd September 2012”

  1. Anyelo Says:

    De verdad me gustaría ayudarles tal vez por la distancia, a pesar de esto apoyo su labor tan importante como es la preservación de estos ejemplares. espero que personas de todas partes del mundo les brinden ayuda que tanto necesitan para su fundación, espero que en el futuro la gente sepa preservar estos animales ya que están en peligro. sigan así en pro a la conservación !!!