When ‘Thank You’ Is Simply Not Enough!

Brian and Kerry make our hearts sing!

Last night saw the end of their sell-out ‘The Born Free Tour’ at High Wycombe. On behalf of myself and the entire Born Free staff I would like to say to Brian and Kerry, as well as their entire team – THANK YOU!

These past few weeks have been quite unlike anything we have experienced before at Born Free. To have two superstars from the world of rock music and musical theatre not only record our signature song (check out www.bornfree.org.uk/bfsingle), but go on tour and bring Born Free’s message of compassionate conservation to a whole new audience, is beyond special! It is a lifetime highlight that I for one (and I know I speak for the thousands who saw the shows) will treasure in my heart forever.

Thanks to Brian and Kerry, all the crew, together with Jim, Jeff, Pete, Phil and Sara, the Born Free Family is stronger than ever!

Blogging off!


8 Responses to “When ‘Thank You’ Is Simply Not Enough!”

  1. virginia mckenna Says:

    I echo all that Will has said. It was one of the best evenings in the theatre I have ever had, and the generosity of Brian and Kerry – giving their time and their talent to Born Free in this way- is beyond ones dreams.

    I do thank them on behalf of all of us who care about animals, and on behalf of the animals themselves , who bring such beauty and complexity to the world.


  2. Anne Taylor Says:

    I was at High Wycombe last night. A truly fabulous evening & one to remember. Brian &Kerry were amazing, they truly moved me. I would have loved to buy a cd of their music, such a shame there wasn’t one available.

  3. Wendé Anne Maunder Says:

    ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞ ☜☆☞
    Thank you all so much for doing this for Born Free. You are all stars in every way possible and the lions will be the safer for it. For this I thank you also for future generations of people who might have only had films and photos to see these magnificent animals and would be viewing them as one of our extinct species.

  4. Theresa Williams Says:

    Amazing night for a even more amazing cause.

  5. Tony Bridger Says:

    I saw them at New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen, simply fantastic. thanks to everyone involved. I would love to be able buy a cd of the performance.

  6. Maggie Wallace Says:

    I was at the concert at salisbury City Hall.I have seen Brian and Queen in concert many times and saw him and Kerry at the Rock for cancer concert in May but this touched like no other has.Anything that raises public conscience to the cruelty and suffering world wildlife is subjected to has to be good and Brian and Kerry do it magnificently. I also would love a cd of the concert

  7. Valerie Anne Harris Says:

    Saw them at High Wycombe -magical and moving show great performances and for such a great cause

  8. Cathy Gallagher Says:

    I was thrilled to be able to see them in Islington. Not only was it a brilliant concert (we’ve come to expect no less from Brian & Kerry) but it was for a good cause, too. What was even better for me is that my German friend Betty was over, and she was able to go as well. Very intimate. Excellent concert. Brilliant cause. I’ve since bought the single and video of “Born Free”, and I’ve almost been in tears!