Message from Virginia

“ It was with indescribable joy that I learned that my son Will had been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. I suppose I have a particular and personal understanding of his unfailing dedication to the work we do at Born Free. As, together with his late father, Bill Travers, we have shared much of the long and often challenging journey since we started our charity 28 years ago. His commitment to the plight of animals , whether in the wild or in captivity, is total, and it is his vision that has enabled our work to expand.

Like his father Will never asks anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. In this way he is a team player. In another way he is an exceptional leader. Speaking always with an informed voice and a voice of reason and compassion. His deep-seated modesty will make him believe he receives this award on behalf of all his colleagues at Born Free and those who work in the field of conservation and animal welfare. Of course, in this work one never does things completely alone, we each of us rely on the support of our colleagues and friends, but I hope he will realise that it is he himself who has been recognised and who inspires so many people. Including myself.”

Virginia McKenna OBE
Founder and Trustee, Born Free Foundation

2 Responses to “Message from Virginia”

  1. Rosario Rodriguez Leon Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, WILL!!!!!!! In the name of all the non-human animals you have rescued :)

    Born Free AND ALSO YOU :) are making the different for non-human animals!!! And that’s MARVELLOUS!!!!

    Wonderful to know about animal rescuers like you :)

    Best wishes for you and your family _and hear what your mother Ms. Virginia McKenna says hehe ;) , mothers do always have right, hehe ;)

    From the bottom of my heart, may you all be blessed :)

  2. Neville Wells Says:

    Very many heartfelt congratulations to you, Will, on being honoured with your extremely well deserved OBE.

    I have often remarked on your outstanding abilities to your colleagues. Your passion for what you do and believe in is so well balanced with your ability to get the right results for captive, suffering animals.

    Just read about and donated to your rundown EU zoos appeal. The sickening sight of those wretched imprisoned EU zoo animals begs the question, for the umpteenth time, what on earth can the spectators and zoo owners possibly get out of seeing/keeping animals in such appalling captive conditions ? They look nothing like those in the wild or on TV !

    So, let us all hope that here, once again, where there is you and your team, Will, there will be a Way !

    A couple of years ago I suggested in Wildlife Times that Virginia McKenna OBE surely deserves ato be honoured with a Damehood for her equally untiring work for zoo and all other wild animals in distress.

    Perhaps you could put in a word in the right quarters when the opportunity arises ?!