Less donations to charities from younger generation?

As reported on Radio 4 Today programme, it seems that younger people today aren’t giving as much to charities.

That may be the case nationally but, at Born Free, we are inspired by the generosity of younger people (and in fact all our donors) who loyally support what we are trying to do to make the lives of wild animals better and safer.

Jumping out of planes, running the Great North and South Runs, finishing the Marathon, baking cakes, forgoing birthday presents, doing jumble sales, garage sales, car boot sales, organising events at school, at home, at work… members of the Born Free ‘family’ – young and old – are out there every single day doing their bit to make a real difference.

And we are always ready to help people with their ideas of how to raise money for the animals so don’t hesitate to check out our fundraising page or call 01403 240170, or if you simply wish to make a donation, you can do so here.

So a huge Born Free THANK YOU to everyone who cares and who supports us…. The animals can’t say it but I can!

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