Hip Replacement? How about Moral Compass Replacement!

So, Spain is in dire straights. Massive debts and nearly one in four unemployed. A new government may be about to take charge but who knows. People are hurting!

And so, apparently is Juan Carlos, the King of Spain – but not for any of the above reasons.

While his fellow countrymen are wondering how to make ends meet, the King was adventuring in Bostwana hunting elephants (without his moral compass).

What? Yes, the picture of the King (with white hunter) standing in front of a magnificent bull elephant, slumped dead against a tree, has shocked millions of people for a variety of reasons.

Shouldn’t the King be setting an example and working to help lift his fellow citizens out of the mess they are in?

Shouldn’t the King be setting an example and, as elephants face annihilation across much of Africa, join efforts to protect a species under threat (poaching and the illegal ivory trade are rampant across many parts of the continent – see www.bloodyivory.org for details).

Newspaper and media reports in Spain are highly critical of his lifestyle and his pursuit of threatened species. In an attempt to justify his ‘sport’, it has been claimed that trophy hunting of elephants in Botswana (which is legal) is a method of controlling elephant numbers. Poppycock! It is nothing of the sort. It simply terminates a number of the most magnificent (and possibly the most genetically significant) bulls while doing nothing whatsoever to control numbers (if numbers need to be controlled in the first place).

Apparently, the King suffered an accident while on his sojourn of slaughter – requiring hip replacement surgery. Maybe his time convalescing will give him the opportunity to reflect on just how badly his actions are viewed both at home and internationally. His hip may heal but the elephant is dead, gone forever.

A modern monarch should be in touch with the people.  Juan Carlos seems to be all at sea.

Blogging off (in disgust),


PS – An interesting article on this story can be found here – http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-04-18/king-s-elephant-hunt-is-disgrace-to-humanity-commentary

11 Responses to “Hip Replacement? How about Moral Compass Replacement!”

  1. Zoe Sands Says:

    Gosh, I am totally amazed that someone of such stature would be conducting himself in this way. It is absolutely disgusting. Thanks for sharing the story; more people need to be aware that this sort of activity continues. Soon there will be no wild animals in Africa for today’s children to see in their natural habitat. And that would be a real shame, but a bigger shame must be cast on the King of Spain for his despicable actions and killing this beautiful creature.

  2. Anne Says:


  3. Leenderd Houtzager Says:

    Leaders should set an example to people ,there is enough poaching in Africa.
    The kings title should be taken away and replaced with Moron Carlos of Spain.
    Shame on Botswana Government for allowing him to shoot the elephant.

  4. Koen Says:

    Absolutely shocking ! It was not the first time he was involved in such safari, I learned on the news.
    Thank God for his accident, otherwise it wouldn’t be in the news at all !
    And for being the honorable member of the WWF Spain it is a contradictionem in terminis !!

  5. Robert Jones Says:

    I am having difficulty in finding the right words here and still staying polite — he should be absolutely ashamed of himself [ which he is not ! ] and, in my view should abdicate. He has brought great shame on Spain which is the last thing the people want in these difficult times.
    The sight of that beautiful Elephant lying dead against a tree was heart-wrenching and he must be kicked out of the WWF.

  6. Sylvie Says:

    It’s sad but true that monarchs and other ‘rich’ people with way too much time on their hands have resolved to hunting. They call it a sport but I don’t see the sport in it! They have a gun and drive after innocent animals who have no means of defending themself. Very sad! It’s been around for centuries and I don’t think it will ever stop.

    It’s unthinkable that anyone would do such a thing, let alone that governements and countries allow people to do it, grant permits and the like. By granting these permits they just give out tickets to death-row for their own wildlife.
    Maybe they should stop granting these..of course then the illegal hunting will continue..


  7. Leah Says:

    Horrendous, despicable man – there are far too many morally corrupt people out there with so much money, they have become depraved and inhuman. The Trumps also spring to mind here. What kind of person gets their kicks from killing wild animals (any animal come to that)? The King of Spain, and others of his ilk, are not fit to walk the planet, it’s a shame his injury wasn’t more serious. I have terminated my membership of WWF and they will get no more money from me. The government of Botswana, and other governments who allow trophy hunting in their country, are just as despicable. Hunters kill for pleasure, poachers for money – I’m just not sure who I despise the most.

  8. Laura Savill Says:

    I hate to say it Spain is renowed for its cruelty to animals and to the people who try to defend them, one only has to read about how they treat their galgoes (Spanish greyhounds) therefore I am not surprised that the monarch does this – he has never stood up for the rights of animals in his own country let alone the rest of the world. It is jsut an excuse to say it is “allowed”!!! I agree kick him off of WWF Spain.

  9. Linda Burr Says:

    How disgusting and what a shame that the poor animal he slaughtered is a far more compassionate species than a lot of human beings are. This beautiful bull elephant brought down by someone who has nothing better to do despite the mess his country is in. People like him are a waste of space on the planet and do not deserve a place. Give me eles anytime then morons like the King of Spain or anyone else that hunts these animals. I would not support the WWF.

  10. Elleke van Renesse Says:

    I’m seriously considering to stop my donation to WWF, if that ‘king’ is not told to give up his membership of honour.

  11. gill gilbey Says:

    What a shameful and cowardly act by someone who should know better.But why did this not make the main BBC news? or did I miss it.As President of the WWF shouldn’t Prince Charles make a statement condemning this barbarism?