Dear Friends of Wildlife

The furore relating to proposals to start culling badgers has reached new heights. The Government seems determined to press ahead with pilot projects in the West Country in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence indicating that this will have almost no positive or lasting impact on reducing and, eventually eliminating, TB in cattle. The public are outraged and the Welsh Assembly has decided to proceed with vaccinations and not a cull.

Born Free joins Team Badger

What do the Welsh know that we don’t?

It seems to me that they have taken a long-term and principled decision based on exactly the same evidence that is in front of Defra but that, Defra for best reasons known to themselves, are determined ‘to be seen to do something’ to appease the farming lobby even though that something makes no sense at all.

Born Free has joined Team Badger (as reported in the Telegraph, The Independent, Express and many more media outlets), along with Brian May, Save Me, The Badger Trust, RSPCA, The League Against Cruel Sports, Humane Society International, David Shepherd Wildlife Trust, Animal Aid, VIVA, Care for the Wild, IFAW, Stroud 100, Gloucestershire Against the Cull, Conservatives against the Cull, Political Animal Lobby, PETA and RETHINK Bovine TB, and we are asking everyone who agrees with us and wants the Government to step back from the brink and to sign the Petition It is our way of saying NO to culling and YES use the vaccination. It is the right thing to do.

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