Badgers in Parliament

This is supposed to be the ‘listening government’ and it has shown before on matters such as selling of the National Forests that it will change course when confronted by overwhelming public opinion. On circuses, the Government bowed to the will of both the people and the great majority of Parliamentarians when it agreed to move towards a total ban on the use of wild animals in circuses by 2015.

Now it has the opportunity to jettison a policy which makes no sense, risks making the problem worse, and which is rejected by the scientific community and the public alike.

If you haven’t signed the petition then please do so and spread the word.

Yes, let’s do all we can to eradicate Bovine TB but not at the expense of badgers lives and logic.

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3 Responses to “Badgers in Parliament”

  1. Sheri Hubball Says:

    Please stop this insane cull. This is inhumane & unnecessary. It has been proven that not only are there alternatives, but also that this drastic measure will not solve the problem.

  2. Mike Dooley Says:

    The Government seems determined to dig its collective heels in over the issue of bTB, and push ahead with the badger cull, no matter what the public opinion is. Perhaps the Parliamentary Debate being forced on them, by the will of the people who elected them, may make them sit up and take notice at last.

  3. gill gilbey Says:

    as all the animal welfare groups are against the cull it is obviously the wrong thing to do.So who has the government taken advice from? It would appear to be yet another half baked idea when they are”appearing to do something”.