Victims of Vanity

Beaten, strangled, crushed, choked ……  I thought I would have so much to say about the horrors of trapping but for once words almost fail me.  When I saw the footage of a ‘recreational’ trapper oh so casually ending the lives of wild foxes, a racoon, a lynx and other animals under the sole of his boot, I was speechless.

No reasonable, compassionate, caring individual could be other than appalled, outraged and shocked by the evidence from the investigation carried out by our colleagues at Born Free USA in partnership with Respect for Animals, and I cannot believe that, when faced with the facts, our elected representatives and the regulatory authorities will stand by and do nothing.

I warn you, the footage is not for the fainthearted.   Take my word for it and please, if you do not wish to be traumatised, do not look at it.  However, please do something.  Go to Born Free USA’s website, follow the actions and make sure that your voice is heard when the light of life has been extinguished from innocent wild animals – the Victims of Vanity.


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