Trophy Hunting

Will’s comments on this report in Saturday’s Sun newspaper concerning the hunting of lions:

“Many people, including supporters of the Born Free Foundation, will find the very idea of shooting animals for sport utterly repugnant.

It is not just about numbers, although, in our view, trophy hunting is a serious threat to the future of species such as lions across much of Africa – up to 600 a year are still killed for fun.  It is a question of morals, ethics and the casual disregard for the rights of wild animals to exist without unnecessary persecution and destruction.

Many trophy hunters believe that killing animals, especially powerful wild animals, confirms their status as a member of the world’s dominant species.  More enlightened human beings see trophy hunting for what it is: the deluded, testosterone-fuelled, selfish blood lust of a small number of people for the power to take life but not the wisdom to protect, respect and admire it.

Will Travers”

10 Responses to “Trophy Hunting”

  1. Maren Says:

    Absolutely with you 200%!!!!!

  2. Sue Ricketts Says:

    Well said Will. My stomach turned when I read this and the photo is foul.

  3. Kirsty Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This story is sickening; why would you hunt and kill such a beast just for ‘fun’!? The picture was heartbreaking and very nearly made me shed a tear. What a magnificent animal, probably just minding its own business, shot in the prime of life so someone can have their photo taken and claim the ‘trophy’. Appalling behaviour.

  4. Barbara Says:

    In total agreement, the man is a total disgrace to the human race!

  5. Ellen Leigh Says:

    It was disgusting, I sponser a lion with BF and give my money to them with great pleasure.
    How can ANYBODY take pleasure from killing such a wonderful animal.
    If this man had any morals whatsoever he would donate the thousands of pounds he pays to slaughter these animals to the wonderful Born Free organisation……..
    I,m sure there are many, many people out there who would agree with me…..

  6. Melanie Cameron Says:

    Totally agree, totally repugnant, they are the sad and pathetic people no hearts and no souls.

  7. niki bedford Says:

    A pathetic excuse for a human being – how anyone could kill such a magnificent animal and call it a ‘trophy’ is beyond me. A trophy is something you win with pride, endeavour and hard work. This lunatic just pulled a trigger and ended a life more worthy than his own.

  8. Sally Says:

    I also agree 200%. The picture is sickening, the whole idea of people paying to kill beautiful animals is so abhorrent, there are no words. I doubt if the hunters would be so brave without their guns. They’re basically misguided, cruel cowards.

  9. Roxanne Sutton Says:

    I can and never will understand Trophy hunting.these people are nothing more than serial killers..Vile excuses for humans!

  10. Lorraine Coull Says:

    Absolutely disgusting, shame on the people who organise these “sports” and shame on the people who take part in them. What right do we have to shoot animals in the name of sport and then brag about it, never mind pose for photographs. I am so sickened by the cruelties that we, supposedly one of the more intelligent species, see fit to inflict on our fellow creatures. I also sponsor two lions with BF and am proud to do so.