Sharks, ivory and meeting the Prime Minister

Dear Friends of Wildlife

Well done to the South African shark conservationists who, when a great white shark landed on their boat (!) did whatever it took to get the animal back into the water safely (even after it had subsequently beached itself). Sharks don’t usually get such care and attention.

Well done to the Lusaka Agreement Task Force and the Government of Kenya for burning 5 tonnes of ivory yesterday in Tsavo National Park, sending a (smoke) signal to poachers and the criminal gangs who run them that killing elephants for their teeth and risking the lives of rangers and wardens will not be tolerated.

But….. Not wanting to dwell on the scandalous phone-hacking issues that have taken place and which are rightly a cause for outrage and distress, I learnt this morning that the Prime Minister has had many meetings with representatives of News Corporation – 27 of them – in the last 15 months. That’s almost one meeting every two weeks!

Virginia McKenna OBE, Born Free’s Founder, sent a letter on 23rd May, asking for a meeting with the Prime Minister, that was 9 weeks ago…… Just one meeting about a matter – ending the use of wild animals in circuses – about which the country is united. We are still waiting…. Doesn’t seem right to me.

Blogging off.


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  1. Robert Jones Says:

    I thought Britain was democratic — whatever happened to majority rule ?