Bringing giant pandas to Edinburgh zoo (on loan) as part of a deal costing, reputedly, £6,000,000 or more, is madness.

Spending vast sums (maybe as much as £700,000) feeding them Dutch bamboo over the next 10 years is utterly ridiculous (just think of the food miles as well).

The public have been ‘bamboozled’ into believing that for some inexplicable reason this iconic species belongs in Edinburgh – it does not! Panda conservation should take place in the wild, in China (where both giant pandas and bamboo occur naturally).

If Edinburgh has panda cash to spare, that’s where it should be invested.

Blogging off!


See this article in The Independent for more.

27 Responses to “PANDAMONIUM!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself Will – what next “Polar Bears” in the Sahara? When will this madness cease.

  2. Lesley Bradbrook Says:

    Just think how much natural habitat could’ve been secured with that money. I feel quite sick.

  3. hollister uk Says:


  4. Derek Rankine Says:

    As a scotsman i am ashamed that our government has allowed this to happen. As usual money comes before humanity to satisy our ignorant public!

  5. Paul smith Says:

    As ever, Will is spot on. Waste of money.

  6. virginia mckenna Says:

    With the undoubted surge in visitors the pandas will bring, it appears more like an attempt to save the zoo not the panda. Save the wild habitat – if we don’t the panda is doomed anyway.

  7. Henn Bea Says:

    Why o why ?This will cost mega bucks.The money could be used for far better things.Anyway ,Edinburgh Zoo euthanises Animals that are not perfect in the the captive breeding programme.
    Please say no.

  8. Bryony Hedley Says:

    This is truly appalling. About to compose an email to Edinburgh Zoo. Hope others do this as well. Strength in numbers I hope.

  9. Anna Spencer Says:

    This publicity stunt is simply pandering to the people, who will flock to the zoo and increase its profits. It will not benefit the poor pandas, who should be left in China and not put in foreign, or any other kinds of zoo! Wildlife belongs in the wild! When will man learn that profit is not the be all and end all of everything? Will it be too late before he realizes the error of his ways. Life in a zoo is no kind of life at all and a life without freedom is just not worth living. Born free and living free – that is the only way to go!

  10. Sophia-Rose Says:

    I’ve just emailed the zoo and given them a piece of my mind about using captive pandas to generate profit rather than helping to conserve wild ones in their natural habitat! it’s disgusting. It’s all about £££…zoos are in it for the money just like any other business. They shouldn’t actually exist in this day and age. Animals in cages or “enclosures” is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!

  11. Dian Elvin Says:

    A ridiculous expense for the Scots and, although I am old enough to remember Ming the Giant Panda at London zoo when I was four years old, and loved him, I have to agree that they should not be kept in captivity here in the UK.

  12. Norma Says:

    Proving once again that zoos are far less interested in conservation than bringing in the visitors and making a profit.
    I am doing my best for a zoo in North Somerset, who now have planning permission for an “elephant Sanctuary” of 20 acres.

  13. Barbara Hegedus Says:

    Another example of using animals for profit.

  14. Lisa Says:

    I feel really sad. Wild animals should remain in the wild and NOT BE KEPT IN CAGES FOR MAKING A PROFIT!!! these wonderful panda’s should remain in china. Edinburgh zoo needs to seriously reconcider there action ASAP and the welfare of the panda’s

  15. Nena Says:

    What a stupid waste of money!

  16. Bex Says:

    I totally agree that Edinburgh Zoo need a rethink. These beautiful animals need to stay in China and the money saved should be used to support other projects that are far more beneficial and really help the animals!

  17. Kathy Says:

    This is awful. Imagine what ‘real’ conservation could be done for that amount of money. Another example of exploitation of a wild animal for profit or ‘entertainment’.

  18. Rachel Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous in my personal opinion i think that zoo’s are getting extremely desperate as more people are becoming aware that animals in captivity is very wrong and they have made a commitment to stop supporting them. So they are taking drastic measures to get the public to visit and support them again. If more people took a stand against animals in zoos and circuses they would have no choice but to close down and hopefully put these animals where they belong back in the wild or at least in sanctuaries where they can have a long and happy life. Going to email the zoo with a piece of my mind as well please people do the same if you can, it can only help.

  19. John Shirley Says:

    This staggering sum of money could make a real difference in terms of conservation. I really cannot think that these actions are justified in the 21st century – maybe in Victorian or Edwardian times it could be justified.

  20. Jitse G. Harder Says:

    This ridiculous!! Panda’s belong to the high mountains in China and NOT in a cold Scottish Zoo!!!!!
    I hope Aberdeen Zoo directors will consider their STUPID decision.

  21. Kerry Holden Says:

    I totally agree with what everybody has said above. It is sad, appalling and ridiculous. I shall email the Zoo and tell them exactly what I think.

  22. Jennie Stokell Says:

    I know that the Chinese Panda Conservatio Service used the money they charge zoos for taking Pandas to further develop the processes by which these fabulous animals can be saved and some returned to the wild in future. Lending pandas to zoos around the world is a two edged sword. The Chinese need the money for their conservation programme but placing an animal in a confined space is not an ideal situation. So how does the Chinese Conservation Service get funds to continue to save pandas without loaning them at considerable expense to zoos.

    Condemning a life in a zoo is worthy, but who funds the Chinese services. Don’t get me wrong I deplore the sending of adult pandas to zoos but I understand the dilemma of those who own them. Has anyone a solution ????

  23. Sarah Says:

    This is disgraceful, pandas should be left in the wild and such a huge waste of money that could be put to actually helping animals rather than using them for profit.

  24. Marie Says:

    I do hope Edinburgh Zoo reconsiders its decision. Pandas belong in China not in zoos.

  25. Jay Says:

    So how can we effectively campaign against this?

  26. pat caines Says:

    crazy idea…..spend money on something else

  27. donna hughes Says:

    the zoo’s main priority should be to provide better conditions and more space for the animals it currently has, not to spend its funds on bringing in more animals for which it cannot provide adequate care in the limited space it has. I believe this addition will be for profit reasons,not for conservation.