Incomprehensible, shocking, total madness!

Did you see the Louis Theroux BBC2 programme “America’s Most Dangerous Pets”?  It is still available on iPlayer for UK citizens here (until Nov 9th).

Quite frankly I feel almost unable to comment – watch it and make up your own mind!

But, coming hard on the heels of the ‘Ohio Massacre’ that took place on Wednesday 19th October where the owner of a private collection (not open to the public) of over 50 large and dangerous wild animals (lions, tigers, bears, wolves, primates) opened the cages and then shot himself – all bar six of the animals were subsequently shot by the police – now is the time for action if ever there was one. Watch the CNN report here.

Theroux’s programme confirmed in my mind that the US has lost the plot when it comes to commonsense and keeping wild animals as ‘pets’.

My only hope now is that this avalanche of latest ‘exotic pet news’ will compel law-makers in each State to review their legislative provisions and introduce, as a priority, measures to bring this bizarre, frequently cruel and highly dangerous situation to an end.  My colleagues at Born Free USA are working with the Ohio legislature to fix the state’s deficient laws and will continue to do so across the country.

As I said on CNN recently, responsible legislation should be there to protect wild animals from people, people from wild animals – and people from themselves.

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8 Responses to “Incomprehensible, shocking, total madness!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Totally agree…this programme was crazy. How does the US allow its citizens to keep wild animals in their back yard?

    Good work by Louis Theroux on bringing this matter to light in the UK through his programme, wish he’d been a bit more challenging on the matter to those involved…but then in his defence, I’m not sure I’d want to get into an argument with a guy who has a tiger on a leash!

  2. Mike Dooley Says:

    I always had a feeling that most of the crazy people in the world live in the USA, and Louis Theroux’s great documentary has proved it. It is one thing for “Joe Exotic” to want to rescue unwanted big cats, but then to fund the operation by a ‘cub roadshow”. That just beggars belief. The reactions of some of the people viewing it in the mall car park was frightening. They wanted to own a cute cuddly bear or tiger cub, but had no idea of what would happen when it grew up. His irresponsible interbreeding of lions and tigers is just plain madness

  3. Stephen Michael Says:

    Just watched the show with mouth open throughout. Tim Stark The bald guy with the Bears & tigers was delusional with his only reason for having them was to prove his own masculinity. I am so glad that the general consensus in this country is that the keeping of exotic wild animals is wrong & our laws reflect this. I’m afraid across the pond it will probably take a long time for this to happen.

  4. lori james Says:

    All these Exotic amimals lovers seem to think Exotic Joe can to no wrong. I for one think he’s just think he’s doing more damage to my counry.He lets everyone think it so easy to care of a wild animal. Is there anyway I can see, America Most Dangerous Pets . I”m from th U.S

  5. Jason Clarke Says:

    If any proof was required to show why members of the public should not be keeping wild animals as pets, this programme provided it. I would not trust the likes of Tim Stark with a goldfish let alone a tiger or a bear. He openly admitted that he got a thrill from keeping these dangerous animals. I found his presence on screen to be scary and along with the woman who sold chimpanzees, very disturbing. Another aspect that disturbed me were the images of numerous people treating monkeys as child substitutes. What was particulary sick was the fact that the capuchins had pierced ears.

    It is time that a federal law was put in place that enforced animal welfare nationally and not left to individual states to set their own pitiful standards.

  6. Will Travers Says:

    Hello – unfortunately iPlayer won’t work outside the UK. But the documentary was on Youtube for a while (think it’s been taken down now). It may be available elsewhere with a Google search.

  7. lori james Says:

    Thank you Will Travers, for that information. Right now I’m still a little shell shock that you answer me. I’ve found the video ,and would like to watch it again .Before I say anything else. Do tell your Mother, She 1 in a Millon. You all do more than anyone in the States would ever know.

  8. lori james Says:

    I must say that video made me angry and terrify all the same time. Okalhoma is Zaneville waiting to happen.So dispointed in Jack Hanna. he’s our country leading Advocate for wildlife, he had to know this was becoming a epidemic. He chose to do nothing about it.Just love Louis Theroux, He comes to my country and diggs up our dirty laundry,then reports it back to England hahhaha. I’m learning more about my country threw him, and I live here…..