Holidays and Origins

Dear Friends of Wildlife

Exciting news for responsible holiday-makers!

I was lucky enough to attend, last week, the launch of Kuoni’s Ananea online brochure which offers unforgettable nature, authentic encounters and respectful travel, and I must say, it seemed to strike a chord with the many journalists who also came to the Royal Opera House to hear all about it.

Born Free has had a long-standing and excellent relationship with Kuoni over the years, both in terms of Born Free holidays and the wonderful support we receive from all Kuoni members of staff, from top to bottom.

It is very exciting!

By the way, did you know (thinking about places I would like to revisit) that An Elephant Called Slowly is now available on DVD from Born Free. It is a charming film made in Tsavo National Park (in Kenya) in the late 1960s by my mum and dad and features not only the legendary George Adamson but the elephant, Pole Pole, whose death at The London Zoo in 1983, sparked the creation of Zoo Check which became the Born Free Foundation. It is a family film with many humorous moments not least the mud-wallow, the temperamental (but wonderful) Land Rover, rhinos and lollipops, and an elephant in the bathroom!

It is suitable for all the family and is available in the UK now for the first time in many, many years – you lucky lot!

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One Response to “Holidays and Origins”

  1. Rosario Rodríguez León Says:

    Thank you very much for this info :) !!! Since I found your foundation on Youtube and am a member of your grrrrreat Foundation, you all have thaught me and cultured my heart on the real respect for wild animals, and in what’s really going on and this is priceless because I would not NEVER liked become a carrier on suffering for wild species, and you with your charity had teached me how to avoid it, plus you’ve expanded my kwnoledge, love and conciousness!!!
    I’ve always dreamed on visiting Africa and if I could achive this desired dream someday, no doubt I’ll take my holidays with you so my travel will be meaningful aaaaand will meet my beloved Achee and Ma Juah, plus I’ll be contributing on protecting our wild friends and their journeys to freedom!!! WOULD BE PURRRRRFECT!!!!!
    I want you to encourage you in your charity work because you all have a deep and beautiful impact on the rest of human beings, and I want you to know!!!
    THANK YOU!!!