Money spinner… but for whom?

Dear Friends

Had a funny experience at London Zoo the other day.  I wanted to take a look at how the Gorilla Kingdom was coming along (sad). 

Went to the kiosk to buy a ticket and I was asked “Would you like to make a donation of £1.80 to support their conservation work”.  (It is a way for the Zoo to be able to claim Gift Aid on the full ticket price as I understand it!) 

“What conservation work exactly” I asked. 

“The conservation work of the Zoo” was the reply. 

“Have you got a leaflet about this conservation work” I asked. 

“No” said the attendant. 

“Then you cannot have my donation” I explained.

Incidentally, Gorilla Kingdom cost £5.3 million and since the Spring of 2007 to July this year, it has raised under £60,000 in donations.   Hmmmmm… not what I call a ‘silverback’ of a success.

Blogging off


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