Incredible news – No Bull!

The barbaric practice of bullfighting has been outlawed for the very first time ever in a region of mainland Spain.  The parliament of Catalonia, in North-Eastern Spain, voted on the controversial subject following a petition signed by 180,000 Catalans.  Surely, there can be no better proof that, in the realm of animal welfare, public attitudes are changing, apathy is diminishing and governments are starting to listen. and we can expect to see an end to the tortuous, torturous deaths of bulls as a public spectacle by 2012

Let’s hope this signals the beginning of the end to the years of justifiable criticism Spain has faced on animal welfare issues – from stray cats and dogs, to photographer’s chimpanzees, to the recent exposes of conditions in zoos by Born Free partners in InfoZoos .

Through InfoZoos, our collaboration with Spanish NGO ANDA, which addresses conditions in zoos in Spain, 20 sub-standard zoos have been closed and regulations have now been implemented in eight of the fifteen Regions which had no zoo regulations at all.  We are continuing to campaign for the re-homing of Susi and Yoyo, two African elephants languishing in tennis-court-sized concrete enclosures in Barcelona Zoo. 

Our newest venture in Spain is InfoCircos, a coalition with ANDA and FAADA, which is aimed at raising greater awareness of the plight of wild animals in circuses in Spain and ultimately ending this heartless exploitation in the name of ‘entertainment’. 

If we are to change things, we need to act.  Together.  Nearly two hundred thousand citizens have brought and end to bullfighting in Catalonia. It just shows what can be done. Let’s apply this Catalonian passion, vigour and action to wild animal welfare worldwide!

Blogging off  – or, as they say in Catalonia, Adéu!


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4 Responses to “Incredible news – No Bull!”

  1. Dawn Davies Says:

    What brilliant news-almost couldn’t believe it when I first read it. Finally, there is hope that Spain is taking animal welfare seriously. Since Barcelona Zoo is in Catalonia we really need to get all those locals to also speak out about Susi and Yoyo. The future suddenly looks that bit brighter!

  2. Silke Dallmann Says:

    I heard this fantastic news on the radio at work today. It just shows what can be achieved when lots of people do just whatever they are able to – just sign a petition, or do more, it all adds up and helps!!

  3. Robert jones Says:

    Absolutely brilliant news — lets hope this triggers the rest of Spain to follow suit !

  4. Mike Dooley Says:

    Great news from Catalonia. Although the voting was quite close, common sense prevailed in the end. One battle won, but sadly many more till the end of the war.