Don’t forget the animals

Dear Friends of Wildlife

The Budget – Yes. Cutbacks for animals – NO!

Well, it looks like pain all round – public employees, businesses, the less well off, the middle-class and the wealthy. Everyone is going to have to shoulder some pain to handle the public debt and who knows if the medicine will work.

But one thing is sure, we cannot let the animals that we care about be victims of this economic crisis. The dolphins stuck in a swimming pool in Turkey; two little chimps rescued from traders in Central Africa; the elephants confronted by the bloody ivory trade; the thousands of animals in slum zoos across Europe and the rest of the world; the wild animals still exploited in circuses in the UK; the millions of animals slaughtered for bushmeat; wild animals held by private individuals as ‘pets’; the rescued animals that we care for every single day in our sanctuaries around the world; the campaigns that we fight of behalf animals around the world who have no-one to speak for them except Born Free and you.

I am sure that as the financial changes just announced sink in, you will begin planning to manage your finances for the times ahead.

But I hope that you will decide to make animals in need a priority part of your plan, that you will include Born Free in your budget and that you will make sure that, as far as you can, the financial pain we will all feel does not mean more real suffering for animals in need.

My pledge to you as CEO of Born Free, as someone who has worked now for 26 years for a cause I truly believe in, is that with every penny, every pound that we receive we will do the very best we can to care for, protect, rescue and help the animals, whatever the future holds.

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One Response to “Don’t forget the animals”

  1. Maren Dallmann Says:

    Just a quick note really to say that although I never have much to spare there is no way I would not give to Born Free and the other animal charities I support. I have to limit myself and ensure I don’t give more than I can afford, but there will always be some for Born Free as I truly believe in what you do and how you do it. I can’t do much to help, but I’ll always do as much as I can. To ‘borrow’ a quote from Virginia: “…. one ripple is better than none…”

    All the best to you all