David versus Goliath?

Although there was nothing put on the table by the UK (who didn’t even turn up) at the Global Tiger Summit in St Petersburg (21st-24th November), Germany pledged over $29.6m to tigers, the US Gov $11.15m, WWF $53m, Conservation International $50m (all the above over next 5 years) and there are others. In total, so far, it comes to just over $300m in grants and loans – some of which is recycling of existing pledges.

It’s not nearly enough to balance the estimated 17 TRILLION US dollars (according to Keshav Varma of the World Bank) that will be spent on industry, infrastructure, human development, etc in Tiger Range Countries in the next 10 years.

Expectations in conservation circles are always set low. We talk in millions, tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions a year but that money has to try and balance/counteract/mitigate the truly overwhelming impact of a development budget that is ten thousand times its size.

The fight goes on. The political will of PM Putin and others is hugely important but while the extra resources are welcome, the odds of securing a long-term future for tigers (in fact for nature itself) – at least based on the financial David and Goliath scenario I have outlined above – are still super slim.”

 Blogging off, Will

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  1. Linda Says:

    Very exciting news ive just read but who was supposed to represent the UK? and what was the reason in the failure to do so ?…Linda