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Any room for animals?

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Dear Friends of Wildlife

On the brink? A new report by the UN Environment Programme’s Chief Scientist, Prof Joseph Alcamo, states, “Since 1970 we have reduced animal populations by 30%, the area of mangroves and sea grasses by 20% and the coverage of living corals by 40%. These are clearly unsustainable”.

What on earth is going on?

This is the Year of Biodiversity! We are supposed to have halted the decline in biodiversity loss by 2010 but what with palm oil, oil spills, deforestation, the bushmeat trade, our addiction to beef etc., it looks like we have failed and it is, of course, wildlife and habitats that suffer.

Check out the ‘Homeless Animals’ campaign on Born Free’s website for some thought-provoking images by top photographer, George Logan, and Steve and Katy, the Creative Team at WCRS.

Please send this to everyone you know – it is not too late.

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New Opportunities

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Well, it’s all change that’s for sure. We now seem to have the makings of a Government of National Unity and I just hope that this spirit of common endeavour extends to making sure we end the suffering of needy animals and improving the protection for threatened species and their habitats. As a nation we could make no better start – and show our true colours – that by ending the use of wild animals in circuses – something 94.8% of the British people want to see happen (according to a recent Government Consultation process). Then we could move on to enhancing our performance and commitment to the protection of threatened species such as rhino, elephant, gorilla, chimpanzee, orang-utan, lion and tiger (not forgetting the critically endangered Ethiopian Wolf). I was pretty unimpressed by the UK’s performance at the last CITES meeting in Doha where (along with their EU colleagues) they singularly failed to secure greater protection for species such as the Atlantic bluefin tuna.

Now I’m a generous person and I don’t expect miracles so I’m willing to give the new administration a chance – the opportunity to prove themselves. Shall we say 100 days? Seems fair enough to me… let’s see.

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