Pride of Kenya drives Nairobi WILD

Dear Friends,

It’s not often that I attend the launch of an event and find such overwhelming support – from the Kenyan Government, Kenya Wildlife Service, the business sector, schools, artists, the media and NGO’s.  

Pride of Kenya (see ) launched today at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi, is already being described as an event with potentially national significance. 

The thought of 50 uniquely decorated full size lions ‘prowling’ the streets of Nairobi, has truly captured the imagination.

All I can say is that on a personal level, having been coming to Kenya since 1964, I have rarely, if ever, experienced such unanimity of enthusiasm and inspiration. Above all, I hope that the end result will be a better future for wild lions! 

Blogging off,


p.s. for more information – see the Pride of Kenya page and press release

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