Earth Day 2009

Dear Friends,

Today is Earth Day! Born Free is joining the tens of thousands of organisations and hundreds of millions of people around the world who are uniting in celebration of this planet’s incredible variety of life – splendid, amazing, and increasingly under threat. That’s why I’m asking everyone pledges to do one thing to protect and conserve all life on earth.

What an opportunity!

Just imagine the impact we could have if everyone reading this blog did just one thing from the list below.

I am constantly amazed by the enthusiasm of our supporters, each and every one of you. From lobbying MPs to running marathons, putting on events, investigating cruelty, jumping out of planes – Born Free supporters are awesome. I am sure that on Earth Day you will prove to be no different.

Five Born Free Things You Can Do On Earth Day:

1. Adopt An Animal – by adopting an animal you are protecting and caring for an individual in need and supporting the conservation of the species in its wild environment

2. Offset your Carbon – our tree planting scheme on Mount Kenya is not only protecting a critically important environment, it is also helping to offset your carbon travel footprint

3. Join Activate – Born Free’s successful cohort of letter-writers who constantly use ‘the power of the pen’ to make a difference for captive and wild animals around the world

4. Become a Member of Born Free. Are you mad about manatees; wild about wolves; entranced by elephants? By becoming a Member of Born Free you are supporting all of the wonderful things that Born Free does to stop wild animal suffering and protect some of our planet’s most endangered species and habitats.

5. Go to your My Space, Twitter, Bebo, YouTube or Facebook page. I am sure most of you have one of these top social networking sites! Now, in the most creative and compelling way you can tell ALL your friends what you did for Born Free and the animals on Earth Day – and ask them all to do something as well!

Actually do this one as well as any of the others. That way we spread the word.

What have you decided to do? ? Please write to let me know! Email or write to Will Travers, Born Free Foundation, 3 Grove House, Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5PL

One Earth, One Day, One Thing – easy!

Blogging off,


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