A brighter future for us all

A nation – a world – listened and watched in expectation. The 44th President of the United States of America, the focus of our undivided attention.

President Barack Obama asked for patience. He asked for understanding. He asked for tolerance and compassion. But above all he asked for help.

Our society has been crippled. Our humanity has been found wanting. Our world and everything we hold dear is under threat – and we are the cause.

And yet, just as we must accept the blame for the ills that befall us, so we must accept the challenge to make things better. Better for people in need, the dispossessed, the weak, the vulnerable, the hopeless. And better for the animals, our voiceless fellow passengers, and the environment we share. The animals have no choice. Their future, their fate is bound up in our own. If we fail, we shall take them down with us. If we succeed then there is a brighter future for us all.

President Obama has made it quite clear. We can stand aside or we can engage. He has asked us to join in the healing process, to play our part, to do more not less. It seems to me that we have no choice but, echoing the President’s words, we should not step forward reluctantly but we should enthusiastically embrace each opportunity to make the world as it should be, not as it is now.

I know the election is over… but he gets my vote.

Blogging off.


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