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C’mon Dallas Zoo – Give Jenny the elephant a break!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Jenny at DallasWithout a doubt there is one policy that all the prospective Dallas City Council Members (including those seeking to be newly elected to office this week) can and should unite over.

The future of Jenny, the elephant at the Dallas Zoo.

It doesn’t matter to me which political persuasion they lean towards; Jenny’s future should not be about politics – it should be about Jenny and what’s best for her.

And since the zoo quite clearly doesn’t have a clue (they were the ones who wanted to ship Jenny off to a Safari Park in Mexico), I urge the Council to accept what the real experts have been saying for months: let Jenny (and her companion) go to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee where she will enjoy hundreds of acres of rolling fields and forests (Jenny’s current enclosure is probably less than an acre and the whole of the Dallas zoo is less than 100 acres in total). She will enjoy the company of a group of other elephants (24 elephants have been given a home by the Sanctuary) and she will benefit from the expert care of people who look after elephants 24/7 (and do nothing else!).

C’mon Dallas, lead the way! Reject the ‘old thinking’ – every city does not have to have an elephant in the zoo. Show some heart.

Born Free says give Jenny a break!

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