Update on polar bears at Nuremberg Zoo

Following the media reports over the last few days regarding the polar bear cubs at Nuremberg Zoo, the latest news is that one cub remains alive. Our colleagues at Animal Public e.V, a German NGO, inform us that the mother, Vera, emerged from her den with the cub and was reportedly disturbed by a film crew at the zoo. As a result, the zoo made the decision to remove the cub for hand-rearing. The separation is likely to be a harsh ordeal for the cub, and one can only imagine the anguish and frustration the mother bear must feel.

While Nuremberg Zoo may now see a significant upturn in visitor numbers and profits thanks to the public interest in the successor to “Cute Knut”, there is no sign of a commitment from the zoo that the funds will be used to protect wild polar bears and their habitat or, as we are calling for, the establishment of a longterm rescue centre to PBs in their Arctic habitat so we can end the keeping of them in zoos.

So, after all the media frenzy and confusion, the “good” news is that a single cub has emerged alive (albeit now facing a lifetime of captivity).

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