The Circus Debate

Well my recent blog about circuses (Sad Saturday) seems to have got people talking (we’ve posted some of the feedback on the site).

The bottom line is this:

Just because there are currently a small number of wild animals in circuses doesn’t mean we should ignore them. The ‘cage to stage’ process as one reader so eloquently put it, is not a life we should subject animals to. And it seems that the public are demonstrating their distain by staying away, despite the 2 for 1, half price and free ticket promotions used by some circuses to try and bring in the punters.

While (sadly) there are some MPS who seem unwilling to represent the view of the electorate on this issue – whatever happened to conviction politics – there are many who firmly believe, as I do, that there is no alternative to a prohibition. That’s what 80% of the general public say. Of course you can ,as one reader suggests, get a very different picture depending on who you are: if you ask people going to a circus with animals if they like animal acts, unsurprisingly most say yes!

If you decide to write to your MP about circuses – don’t forget to let me have a copy of the response. I am convinced that this issue can be brought to a logical, compassionate and just solution when MPs of all parties hear the voice of the people!

And thank you to all who have written in – whatever your opinion.

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